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Hello From Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by iqbalhalim, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    Iqbal here. I'm fresh to motorbiking and got myself an Aprilia RS125 recently after getting my L's. "Annoying 2 Stroke!" I hear some of you going :)

    Look forward to meeting riders and getting tips on riding/organising meet ups/other RS125 riders out there who can relay both the joys and pains of riding a screeching 2 stroke!


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  2. Annoying two-stroke?? NEVER!!!

    Welcome to the fun-park!
  3. welcome in bud

    ok, ill start with the 1st tip, when u go on group rides, u will need to go last as your 2 stroke fumes will choke people :D

    enjoy your stay :)
  4. Welcome, Iqbal! I'm also new here. :D

    I like the red/black color scheme you have there!
  5. Hi Iqbal and welcome to NR
  6. Nice bike Iqbal and welcome to the forum. Where in Melbourne are you from?
  7. Hi mate. Nice set of wheels. get on down for a ride day when you are confident. Thats the way to have fun on a littleun like that!
  8. Welcome, iqbalhalim and enjoy the forums. Great looking bike mate :)