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hello, from mat!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by matress, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just thought I'd better introduce myself. I've been reading through your forums for a little while now and finally thought I'd sign up and make a post.

    I've been riding for a bit over a month now. I've wanted a bike since I was a little kid and finally got my act together and went and bought one.

    The original plan was to get a bike to commute on to give my modified fuel-guzzling VR4 Galant a rest from commuting duties, but it seems like that bike-riding bug has well and truly bitten.

    I bought a Sachs Madass 125 about 6 weeks ago and have ridden it every day since I got my L's, and a few days a week up and down my street, just to practice for my L's test. :p

    It's got an upgraded 26mm carby and manifold, upgraded CDI unit, pod filter (all from ooracing in the UK) aswell as a stainless straight through muffler on the back.

    I love it, it's great fun, but I'm finding that it's not that fun to ride on the freeways, trying to keep up with 100km/h traffic, when it only has a top speed of about 95km/h. I also get blown around a hell of a lot, especially when on top of the West Gate bridge in Melbourne, so I'm looking for some advice on what to get to help counteract these problems.

    I don't need anything with major balls, just something that's happy at 100km/h so I can ride on the freeway, something that doesn't make me feel like a human sail, and also something that is willing to let me take it through the twisties every other weekend. I hope that's not asking too much!

    I've got a few bikes in mind, a Hyosung GT250R (I've read all the reviews, but I'm stubborn :p ) or a Honda VTR250 (I prefer the look of the Hyosung, and I can get a 1 year old one for the same price as a 9 year old VTR).

    I don't really want to spend over $5000 for the bike if I can help it which rules out the Ninja 250R, being $6500 plus ORC.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Mods, please feel free to split this thread as you see fit.

    Mat :)
  2. Welcome Mat... :LOL: (I think Hornet and I are on the same wavelength) ...welcome... mat... welcome mat... ok.. I'm tired and I have had a couple of reds...

    Mat, you're on a madass on the freeway... you've got balls! I didn't know the freeways had a bicycle path?!?! :LOL:


    Nah, just kiddin. I love the fact that you've blinged it up... you're a biker at heart aren't ya? It's also says that you must have some spondoola's...

    Have a good long think about value for money... there's a very good reason why you can pick up a 1yr old dungflung for the same price as a VTR250. There are plenty of "which bike" threads - have a good read.
  3. you cheeky buggers! :p

    what the hell's a spondoola?!?!

    I'd post up a pic of my bike, but it won't let me post links yet.

    The bike's so much easier to work on than a car, I love working on cars, but bikes just seem so easy to tinker with! :p
  4. Money Mat... it means money... something you have in abundance under your... matress.... :LOL:

  5. If I was loaded, I'd be looking at that lovely black Speed Triple at the bike shop down the road from me! mmmmmmmmm... speed triple... :grin:

    The performance upgrades on the MadAss were pretty cheap, I fitted them all myself except for the exhaust. The carby, manifold, air-pod and CDI were 100 pounds including shipping from the UK, and the muffler was $200.

    Made a big difference to acceleration and overall feel of the bike too!
  6. LOL I thought that pic was a joke but just to be sure I searched the name... I cant believe you ride around on that and.... omg you take that on freeways. LOL man your awesome. Thats pretty gutsy :p

    But have a look at a gpx. Alot of people think they are ugly but I dont mind them, they are brilliant to ride aswell and will sit on 100km/h until you tell them to sit on 140 :p

    That 250 ninja is a gpx that has had a facelift. They are good value and if you have a look around I have heard of stories of people getting them for as low as $500-$1000 so they are well within your budget. I bought mine brand new for $5800 for a 2007 model and I am more than happy to have it to learn on.
  7. what about these suzuki GSX 250 Across'?

    A mate has one and thinks its the bee's knee's. I'm not a big fan of the colour schemes though!
  8. You can always get it repainted. I wish the gpx had the storage of the across.
  9. Welcome to NR Mat. Those madass look like a whole lot of fun, but now you are looking at getting a real bike, you cant go wrong with a VTR. Best damn 250 around. Check out my sig. :wink:
  10. Check out the latest Cycle Torque for the story of a mad-man who rode a Mad Ass round Australia :shock:!!!!!
  11. Welcome Mat !!

    :LOL: @Paul's "Welcome Mat"
    Have you taken a good look at the 250 Hornet?
    Great first bike ..
    It uses the same frame, swingarm, tank, and wheels from the Fireblade.
    Gear driven cams and liquid cooled in-line 4Cyl.
    High level exhaust, FAT 180 rear tyre, Sleek, Sexy, and a pleasure to ride.
  12. Those hornets do look pretty sexy! I like the idea of that fat rear tyre! Maybe a bit old for my liking though.

    Can anyone tell me if there's much difference between riding a faired bike compared to a naked bike along the freeway or at higher speeds?

    Do you cop a lot more wind resistance on the naked?
  13. Hi Mat.

    As long as you're blinging it up, I think it would look good fitted out with a full touring fairing. And you'd probably get another 5-10 km faster downwind from the spinnaker effect.

    robsalvv said:
    You must be tired Rob. Or maybe feeling mellow from the reds. You missed an opportunity to sink the boots into Hyosungs again.
  14. Grey, you might be confusing me with Loz or Dougz... I don't think I've ever sunk the boot in?? I do call 'em dungflungs though.

    I thought my comment was pretty fair: Have a good long think about value for money... there's a very good reason why you can pick up a 1yr old dungflung for the same price as a VTR250. . It's up to the OP now. :)

    He could probably buy an old Beemer for the same price as a dungflung... and I reckon it'd still be more reliable! :LOL: