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Hello from Liverpool.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Damzz, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Good morning fellow riders..

    I am new to the world of motorcycling. Recently bought myself a CB125e.

    Looking to meet new people and hopefully better my learning ability on my bike.

  2. Thanks for the welcome and link Jeremy.

  3. Hi Damzz, I'm from Liverpool too if you are ever looking for someone to go for a ride with. I'd be happy to help with practicing for your MOST.

    If you are after some help with things like basic maintenance, i could teach you a few things.
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  4. Wow three posts in and the question still hasn't been asked well firstly welcome to netrider Damzz and secondly are you hot :)
  5. @87crisis is too busy with his thread about nothing to be on the ball :bolt:
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  6. hi damzz, im from liverpool too, holsworthy end. try and get yourself up to homebush for the learner sessions :beer:
  7. Hey all,

    Thanks for the welcome messages.

    iClint I would appreciate the MOST practising offer. I havent ventured on to the hume hwy as yet, getting a feel for the bike practicing my stops and take offs etc

    Newbieacross -I've heard about the learner sessions out at homebush I am being a bit of a wuss riding there on my own. Hopefully if i could catch up with a few of you for practice session locally, then I will venture out ;-)

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  8. jesus guys can't any of you fill in for me now n again?

    Hey damzz, Are you hot?
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  9. #10 iClint, Aug 29, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
    If you are interested, I know a good place to practice that is away from traffic but simulates a real road course, only 10mins form liverpool.

    You can practice riding, stops and starts and starting and going straight into a right angle turn, road speeds are possible and there is also a round about to practice on.

    I have taught a few people how to ride there, and use some small cones to mark out the components of the MOST for practice.

    it will build your confidence for getting out on the road.

    I'll PM you my details
  10. 87 crisis - are you serious about tha question? :)

    iClint - thanks. Sounds good
  11. LOL iclint, is this place by chance an abandoned warehouse you own?
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  12. it's funny you mention that as I do own a warehouse, its not abandoned though.
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  13. i certainly am, i'm not one to mess around with such serious matters as female riders and how they make all rider males go insane, feel free to post a photo if you'd like.(y)
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  14. Haha fair enough.

    I might add my picture in the near future then ;)
  15. well good on you for being a good sport, welcome to the nuthouse mate - don't be afraid to ask any questions you have in a new thread, don't bother searching....just post a new thread - gotta keep the moderators like @Justus busy :p
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  16. A simple 'yes' or 'no' would suffice........................

    Welcome Damla.
  17. Welcome to NR(y)
  18. Thanks for the welcome messages everyone.

    Gurbachen - WOW I'm impressed with that link you provided and the fact one exists, totally unexpected. :)