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Hello from Kalahari Ozzie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Cecil Barnard, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Good evening from a sweltering hot Warwick (QLD). Lovely to join your group.

    I started riding in the early 70's on our farm in South Africa, trying out a Lambretta 250cc scooter my dad used to patrol the fences. Learned quickly that locking the front brake on sand results in sand in most body openings. We later upgraded to a Honda 185cc XR (or something similar) scrambler, which was the start of my motorcycle journey.

    A professor at Uni impressed me with a late 80's series BMW R80 GS, especially how many first year students of the fairer sex loved the bike and Harry Potter glasses. I bought a R1100GS, then a orange R1150GS (promptly named "Big Bertha") which took me through Africa on the eastern side up to the UK. When I decided to swap springboks for kangaroos I brought it along, and rode the east-coast on it. My arse itched, and I sold the 1150 to a fellow ex-South African and got a brand new red R1200 GS Adventure (lack of imagination prompted me to name it "Big Bertha II").

    The two of us cover about 65,000km in six years (not a lot I know), and excluding the cash in a flash blokes and one sneaky corner between Woodenbong and Beaudesert we still have a wonderful riding life together. I love riding, it is the cheapest form of therapy and taught me how to connect with total strangers in the weirdest places. I love my BMW GS Adventure, and will keep it for quite some time, perhaps buy something else with it, like a Yamaha R1 or a RR BMW. I also write short stories of my travels, mostly my personal experiences and observations.

    Looking forward to be part of this community.

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  2. Welcome Cecil from not so hot Melbourne :)
  3. Welcome to NR, Cecil.

    A wonderful introduction and write up.
  4. Welcome mate.

    As an aside the average kilometers traveled a year is 14,000 km (from ABS 2012), just under 11,000 km/year on a motorbike is pretty damn good.
  5. Welcome Cecil. yes, I wouldn't be ashamed of those sorts of mileage figures!
  6. Welkom Cecil. Hoop jy geniet hierdie 'forum' sommer baie!

    Snaaks om weer in Afrikaans te moet tik!Haha
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Ag, sis tog George, ek het gehoop om geen Afrikaans hier in Aus te hoer nie. Die enigste woord wat ek hier gebruik is "kuk" ;-).

    Welcome Cecil - ah memories of scramblers in the African bush - awesome. Oh and early morning breakfast runs to the Hartebeespoort dam (not on scramblers) with no speed limits :whistle:
  9. Welcome. [emoji4]
  10. P.S: from memory the Honda 185 was the XL. Had a friend with one and pretty sure I beat up another one at someone's timber farm in the E Tvl...