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Hello from Homebush, Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Martha, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Hello all, introducing myself... just got my Ninja 300 delivered beginning of this week. On my L plate and having my P license test at the end of the month! Very excited and nervous at the same time. Glad to have found Netrider community here.

    I live in Homebush and have heard there are some riding practice happening around Olympic Park? Does anyone know anything about this or point me in the right direction? Cheers.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all!

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  2. Hi Martha,
    You should get yourself down to Homebush. They have regular sessions there that will help with the MOST and just a good bunch of people to ride with. They will offer to escort you through Sydney traffic if you are not confident to get there on your own ;)
    Welcome to the forummm.
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  3. Welcome Martha! Hope to see you one day at the Homebush sessions.!
  4. Thank you @Brmmm@Brmmm and @GeorgeO@GeorgeO for the warm welcome! And thank you @cjvfr@cjvfr for the link. I shall come and join the Homebush Practice very soon!
  5. Welcome Martha - what do you ride? If you head down to the Sat session, Chris and the others will get you well prepared for the MOST.
  6. I ride a Ninja 300. I wish I was there today I missed it! And I'll be away next weekend :-(
    I live just across the road from Olympic Park I might just try to make a trip there sometime this week.
  7. Hi Martha. Even if you can not get to the Saturday session the section of closed road in Olympic Park is still a great place to go to practice slow speed maneuvering and other skills for the MOST test away from traffic and pedestrians. I went midweek and it was virtually deserted. Directions on how to find it are in the Saturday Practice Session thread.

    See if you can find someone who can go along with you. If you have a day free add a request in this thread for someone to come along. They are a helpful bunch on Netrider!
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  8. Welcome aboard nice bike :]
  9. @MichaelR65@MichaelR65: I'll definitely do that. I guess when you're just starting out there are a lot of uncertainties. Your reply has given me some confidence to just go out there and practice.

    Thank you @Jeffco@Jeffco!

    You guys are really helpful :) Love this forum!