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Hello From Hobart

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chrisoshea, May 20, 2010.

  1. Hey everyone!

    My names Chris, 20 Years old.

    Only had my L's for about 6weeks now :)

    Currently just riding an 01 NSR 150sp- Which i purchased a few years ago as a bit of a backyard project(resprayed, fixed up scratches etc). However im looking at a new bike atm (seperate thread)

    Just wanted to say hi!

  2. Hi there mate, Im from down that way myself, so we're probably cousins :)

    Gods own country is Tasmania when it comes to motorcycling, Just ask any body on here who has toured down there.


  3. Howdy! About time you said hello. :)
  4. G'day Chris and welcome to Netrider !
    Congrats on your recent L's and best wishes for your new bike hunt :)
  5. thanks guys and girls :)

    and yes johno your probably right there!

    Looking at getting a VTR250:) not a big fan of my tryhard nsr lol
  6. welcome in Chris, looking at the bike you have and the one you want to purchase, id put you in the small and light category ye?
  7. Hell Yeah!

    Boobmeister should be near you too! He's a laugh and a half!!

    Welcome matey,

  8. G'day & welcome in Chris.
  9. Spot on the money. about 175-180cm and 60kg

  10. Do a Brownyy and get a Daytona. Good power to weight LOL!
  11. cant ride a gaytona on l's :)
  12. Hey Chris,
    Welcome - if you want to meet some locals, Joes Garage on Market Place in Hobart, Tuesday Nights are bike nights. This time of years a bit lame - but there should be a few there after about 7.30? Worth a look. Google Tasmanian Motorcycle Riders TMR group from Tassie.