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Hello from Hawthorn

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by croakofonix, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Finally got off my rear end and signed up!!! :LOL:
    I just want to say congratulations on an amazing forum. It's been a great help for me as a new rider. Biiiiiiiiiiig thanks to all.....
    I've been on a commuter for about 5 years and then found myself restricted to the confines of Melbourne's public transport system for the last couple of years. :(
    Managed to save up and will be picking up a shiny new 06 Yamaha FZ6n (Silver) tomorrow. Can't wait now....I can almost feel the freedom!

  2. Congratulations and welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome. Now you look after yourself riding that rocket-ship in winter on Melbourne roads, won't you???
  4. No relation to the bard cacofonix?

    Welcome :cool:
  5. Heh heh... The name came about after winning a drunk karaoke contest :LOL:
    nuff said

    Thanks for the welcomes and I promise I'll look after myself and not go all throttle-happy....esp with these wet roads.

    Dreading to cross that maze of tram tracks on the Glenferrie-Riversdale intersection... [-o<
  6. Welcome to NR croakofonix!

    I am also in Hawthorn, so if you ever need someone to go riding with or to coffee nights etc with give me a shout :)

    Nice bike you're getting... I have an FZ6S :p

  7. Welcome croakofonix, another bloody Yamaha rider, there must be a million on NR already.. haha just kidding. welcome.
  8. Thanks Shelley... i might just take you up on the offer soon :grin:

    Lol Smithy....that's actually good to hear... made the right choice methink :grin:
  9. Have fun picking the new bike up this arvo! Hope it stops raining for you. Will have to keep my eye out for you and your nice new silver machine around Hawthorn :grin: . Haven't seen any other FZ6's out on the road, let alone in the same suburb as me!! Ride safe this arvo :)

  10. Been bloody excited all day.... time seems to be CRAWLING today :(

    Nervously looked out when the rain started, but seems to have stopped at the moment in Kew. Hoping that it holds out till after the bike's home....
  11. Tick-tock, tick-tock :p . Yeah I remember that feeling!

    The weather gods must really like you... sun's out!!
  12. Hehehe Shell...I've been grinning ear to ear since the sun came out :grin:

    That's it....I'm off....wish me luck guys!
  13. Welcome Croako! You'll never be able to go back to public transport after riding your new baby :grin:
  14. She's home ladies and gentlemen!

    What a bloody feeling! Ended up getting the 07 model in silver and not the 06, so I'm stoked! :dance:

    Luckily the rain gods decided to take a break and all I got were a couple of drops when I was about 1km away from home.

    The weekend's going to be great!!!! :grin:

    I promise I'll put up photos tomorrow. The camera in my mobile's the only one I got unfortunately and it can't handle night shots.
  15. Congrats on the new bike there Croak and welcome to the forum. I'll keep a look out for ya fangin' around the streets on ya shiny new weapon.
  16. Hey, i'm a newbie (GPX 250) and from Hawthorn also. Message me if you ever want to go for a ride one day.

  17. Damn bluelighters, can't get away from them anywhere ;)