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Hello from Grrrl (Lenna)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrrl, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Even though it has taken me so long to post,

    I would like you to know your comments and best wishes have been getting through to me on a daily basis (Stewy has been printing them up for me )

    The support that the Netrider community has given me has been overwhelming and amazing!!!!

    I have been really lucky to be surrounded by my family and friends and their support has been fantastic.

    I could not be in (and maintain) this positive frame of mind with out the support being shown. Its very meaningful for me to read everyones genuinely heartfelt comments and i cant communicate strongly enough how much I appreciate all the kind words and well-wishes, its heartwarming.

    If anyone would like to visit me I would love to see them.

    I am at the Austin Hospital (Heidelberg) Spinal Unit on Level 3 in Room 14

    Regular visiting hours are 11am to 8pm

    UPDATE (from the horses mouth!)

    Last night I had a shitty night, uncomfortable and not enough pain killers, i was restless and in pain all night and for the first time this morning I finally had time to look at the iPod properly and discovered how much had already been loaded onto it, and there are over 2000 songs, almost 50 movies, and all stuff I really REALLY like!! it has been invaluable. In fact i got a little emotional and was sobbing to myself (call them tears of joy) this morning listening to the music when the doctor came in. Thinking I was in pain he asked me what was wrong, to which i replied, "I'm just so happy because i have the best friends any soul on earth could possibly hope for... I have the most amazing support network and I'm just now realising exactly how lucky I am to have these, the best friends in the world"....so thank you all. I can't thank you all enough, you've got no idea how good you have all been for my mental health!!!
    I want say a special thank you to Adam (Stewy) who has been at my bedside every single day since the accident, and has been updating me daily as to any comments from Netrider. He has been simply amazing through all of this.
    i also want to say a huge thanks to Foxy for arranging the whole i-pod thing, it was such a thoughtful gift, simply ideal. i love it, and i still cry every time I use it!!! And thanks also go out to all of you who contributed to this.


    Oh yeah, a few of you posted that they weren't sure if you'd met me or not before (eg Vic - Duh!!! Ya GOOSE)
    here are some pics of me so you can put a face to the name:


    Lenna's Hospital Birthday Bonanza

    Monday 13th November

    If anyone would like to come and wish me happy birthday and indulge in some lamington cake

    this Monday between 6.00 pm and 7.00 pm that would be lovely.
  2. Wow! Posting already Lenna! You are an amazing girl. :shock: :grin: :grin: I will get in to see you soon and will be a definate for your birthday. :)
  3. my god! it's absolutely brilliant to hear from you Lenna. you've been on my mind almost constantly since i heard about your fall. absolutely thrilled to hear you in such good spirits and clearly on the road to recovery. will do everything i can to get there on monday night. hang in there grrrl - you're an inspiration!
  4. Yeah lammington cake sounds nice Lenna :grin: ,but unfortunately Im a state away on work crap :( ,so save us a piece please :grin: got a truckload of movies for that ipod when you get through the 50 you already have,and MP3,s aplenty if you want some more,just PM us if youre interested.
  5. Wow Lenna, what an inspirational person you are!

    Your positive attitude is absolutely awesome given your situation and I feel very humbled. This shouldn't suprise me though, cause your friends and fellow netriders have all been saying this on your thread.

    I wish you the speediest recovery and offer you my thoughts and prayers for such an obviously special soul. :angel:

  6. geeez, i almost fell asleep !
    That photobucket presentation is mezmerizing !! :shock:


    Get well soon !

  7. Hey, cool, you've got a proper room now. I'll be sure to drop round.

    Foxy was cruel, he didn't put any porno on the iPod. Fear not, I'll sort you out.
  8. :shock: Lenna, so good to hear from you! Stewy has been marvellous in answering all our stupid quesions, and keeping us up to date, you are a lucky lady.

    For those of us praying types, keep us up to date with your condiiton and specific things you need, and enjoy the lamington on your special day
    God bless
  9. Hey there girrrrrly!!! Was nice to see that you are in good spirits! You already want to party!!!Way to go!!! I will really try to make it to the bonanza even if I have to run from reception nurse again :) You have a good rest and I'll see you soon!

    Now, return that laptop to the nurse, she is probably looking for it all day long :grin:
  10. Good to see you posting Lenna. Have a fantastic Birthday on Monday. Catch ya soon. Keep ya chin up :wink:
  11. wish you a speedy recovery...
  12. Hey Lenna, good to see you're keeping your spirits up. Best wishes :grin:
  13. Lenna, although we have never met I truly wish you a strong recovery and hope the only tears you have are those of JOY. Best wishes to you & hugs to Stewy with his support & updates.

    PS - Sounds like youre on a winner offering lamington cake as I hear it's a NR favourite :wink:
  14. Hey, it's Lenna!!!! \:D/

    Great to hear from you! I won't be able to make it for lamingtons on Monday :cry: but I'm sure you'll have lots of people there for your birthday.

    (Oh - and don't let that Loz bloke anywhere near your iPod. He'll fill it full of a capella music and pr0n. Or pr0n WITH a capella music. :LOL: )
  15. Wonderful to hear from you Lenna :grin:

    Big Best Wishes for monday - enjoy the lamington cake :p

    Thanks for posting the visiting times, hope to be in this week to see you :)

    Cheers, BB
  16. Great to hear from you Lenna. HQ party last Monday wasn't the same without you and Stewy there.
    Have been thinkin of you constantly.
    Hope to get in to see you soon.
  17. Hey, great to see you on here again. Am sorry to hear its hurting, but thats just part of getting better - one day at a time. Hope you enjoy your lamington cake and keep positive. :)
  18. I am amazed!!! :shock:

    You are an inspiration. I gotta drop in when passing thru to Qld in late Dec.

    I'll probably have to drop in to your place, cos with the strength and will you have, I doubt they could keep you in hospital :LOL:

    You show em grrrl!

  19. All the best Lenna.
    We wish you the speediest and fullest of recoveries and hope you are up and about real soon.
    Fantastic you are poating and in such good spirits.
    But seriously if you needed an ipod so bad all you needed to do is ask for it :)
  20. Wow Lenna, you bloody legend! Big sighs of relief over here in Perth. If this rate of progress is any indication of your fighting spirit, you'll be out of there in no time. I may never have met you, but I really hope to get the chance to shake your hand one day. Rest and recover, you have done us proud................

    George (Incitatus)