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Hello from Greensborough

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BT_Tigger, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Hey,

    I am 27yo from Greensborough and I ride a '07 Honda VTR 250. I have only had my licence since Dec 07 and enjoying getting out there.

    Just wanted to say hi and hope to meet up with some of you on furture NR trips.

    Colleen (BT_Tigger)
  2. Hi and Welcome from a fellow Grensborough resident. Hope to catch you out there. :)
  3. Yet another Winnie the Pooh rider :)

    Welcome to Netrider, lots of Netriders in Melbourne, and more coffee nights than your kidneys want you to know about :LOL:.
  4. Hello :) I'm not that far from you two.. just down the road in Templestowe.
  5. Hi again. Hope to catch you on some more rides.

    cjvfr said:
    Wouldn't they be Greenboogers?
  6. Thanks and hope to see you out and about...
  7. Hi GreyBM,

    Hope you are well...

    I will be there for the ones i can make... Be sure to let me know if your organising any...
    Had a blast on the trip to Yea!!
  8. Hey welcome, met you at the Mystery Ride a couple of weeks ago, hope to see you at the Sunday Coffee/superbike/MotoGP night in Station St, Fairfield.
  9. Hey,
    Yes that was me... have not been the last 2 weeks as i had to have the old wisdom teeth removed,
    could not get the helmet on no matter how hard I tried but hope to be there thiis week...

    "Sunday Coffee/superbike/MotoGP" sounds interesting will see how things go..
    Hope you are behaving yourself.... :p
  10. :shock: Who me?!!!! :LOL:
  11. :LOL: Yes you... I think the name that comes to mind is "Peter Pan" :wink: