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Hello from Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GW800, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone may I introduce myself, My name is Greg an oldie from the gold coast
    been riding for many years started on a Suzuki TS 185 in 1973 now 15 bikes later
    I'm riding a Kawasaki W800 Black Edition.( first service on Friday)
    I try to get out and ride as much as possible when I'm not working.
    Looking forward to reading the forums and catching up with fellow netriders
    on the road

  2. Welcome to NR GW800, I'm up the road in Brissy.
  3. That looks like a very nice bike ! (y)

    Might see you round the hinterland :)
  4. Welcome to NetRider....

    Nice looking bike there....post some pics when you can!
  5. G'day and welcome, GregGreg. Congratulations getting the new W800.
  6. welcome aboard :)
  7. Welcome along, sounds like a Canungra brekky is in order one of these days.
  8. Hi Greg you must be a great bloke with a name like Greg:p welcome to NR might catch up one day get down that way on occasion another nice part of the world, and sometimes the boys in blue down there can be forgiving. At least that was my experience last weekend.
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  9. What's the story that goes with that?¿?
  10. He was in need of his morning coffee I suspect as we ran into him again at the café few minutes later
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  11. Gday Greg,
    Welcome to NR. I am also on the gold coast and have just purchased the ninja300 as i am still on my Learners (license course on the 7th of january ).

    Let me know if you would like to go for a ride tomorrow (01/01/2016) .

    Look forward to hearing from you mate.

    P.s Thats a nice looking bike mate!
  12. At this rate Gold Coasters will take over NR =D

    Beechmont tomorrow maybe ... depending what time I surface.
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  13. Fractalz if you ride tomorrow i would be very keen as my license test has moved to saturday 02/01/2016.

  14. Welcome GW800GW800. Classic cool looking bike! With 15 bikes behind you, you might have to change your user name frequently.
  15. :-( working tomorrow (Saturday) sorry.

    Who you doing your qride with?
  16. I'm close to GC - would gladly join up if you guys plan a ride. Once bike is back on the road early next week.
  17. Mate I'm on hols all next week as well so can be there for a quick jaunt
  18. Bike should be good to go Tues/Wed. Time for some new roads (to me ) I think.
  19. We can arrange that