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Hello from Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sarge, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hi people.
    Just joined and want to introduce myself.
    I have been looking over the old posts and found some very interesting stuff.
    I'm probably what most of you would call old at 46.But i don't feel it(except in the middle of winter when the knees are frozen)'I have been riding since my old man bought me a Kawasaki trail bike when i was 12.since then I've covered heaps of Kilometres on various bikes,most of which have been Kawasaki's.My current rides are an absolutely(in my eyes)beutifull "76"Z900A4 which I have had for nearly 20 years and still running well.The other I have only had for 3 weeks is a "07" ZRX1200R.Quite a contrast :grin: Anyway thats it for now

  2. Welcome sarge! Big diff in your bikes.. you go easy there.... So wish I had got into bikes when I was younger.. but having hell of a lot of fun getting into it now! So what were you looking for in a bike that you went up to a 1200? reckon 900 woulda done me!
  3. Hey Sarge.

    I'm from Anglesea, but in geelong every day. I might end up seeing you around once i get my greasy mits on a bike :)
  4. hiya and welcome :p


    post up pics of ya bike!! :grin:
  5. Welcome from another old newbie from Geelong

    I'm roughly in the same boat as you as far as age and taste for bikes go. I love the old kwaka's , my most recent was an '81 Z1100 shaftie, I still miss it! I'm now doing up an old bonney while I ride my Bandit 1200s. Cheers to many more years of riding!
  6. Welcome aboard fellow Kwaka rider.. :cool: