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Hello from fearless, survived a tank slapper belly flop at 120 Kph

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Fearless, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Gidday all, looks an interesting site, I have been ridingfor 35 years , just two accidents, one tank slapped at 20 , with a belly flop on o the bitumen, on a suzuki gs 400, and a uturn car bike dropped to slide it in to its side, luckily only doing 40kph,
    I currently own 3 bikes, Harley soft ail, and ave just restored, Honda cub c 90, k2 deluxe 1972, and a Honda cb 250 twin 1975 L, oved my cx 500 , xlr 250 1982, and am looking for a 1978 honda 400 f supersport to restore as year project, not cheap and hard to find.
    Belong to another great forum, Honda twins, and Hondacub British site.
    Bike riding forces one to be present and connected to the environment, the seasons and life.
    Continually in awe of the perfection of engine design and operation, love the 70s Hondas and do all maintenance and repairs.. It's all about the oil and changing it regularly,
    Look forward to contributing and learning more,


  2. Welcome to the site, glad the tank slipper wasn't a recent occurrence. 400 SuperFOUR or superSPORT? My dad had. 78 Honda 400 back in the day, what are they worh now anyways??

    Where are you from???