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Hello from Esk

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Esk Rider, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hi to fellow members. I am a new member who lives in the beautiful Brisbane Valley area and would love to meet up with anyone else who lives in the same area in the hope of joining in on some rides occasionally.

  2. Welcome to Netrider :).
  3. G'day, mate, welcome to NR.

    My folks live in Esk. Nice little town, full of antique shops.
  4. Thanks

    Thanks for the welcome note Cookeetree. Yes, Esk has a few antique shops and also a lot of antique people, nice quite place to live though. Am a newbie to this area as well so looking forward to making some new friends on the road.
  5. Re: Thanks

    Yep, it's a veeeeery quiet town, hey, except for Wednesday nights (or is it Tuesday?) when the town siren goes off.

    I've been out there a number of times to visit Mum and Dad. It's a nice couple of hours ride from our place. I'll send you a PM next time I know I'm heading out there. Catch up for a drink. :beer:

    What are you riding?
  6. Yeah, Tuesday night is when we all jump when the siren goes off. Would love to catch up for a drink. I am riding a typical ladies bike, 250 Virago. Good for me as I am not overly tall and it allows me to reach the ground comfortably-hoping to be able to afford a new bike sometime over the next year (mortgage comes first at present) Looking at maybe a V-star 650 at present.
  7. Ah, so it's Mrs Esk Rider, not Mr??? Dang, I hate the 'net sometimes. So misleading. :grin:

    Nothing wrong with the little Virago. Great entry-level bike. I spent 2 1/2 years on our ZZR 250 that Mrs Tree now rides full-time. It's great, having a partner who shares your passion.

    We're knee-deep in debt ourselves. I wouldn't mind a new bike, but I'm very happy with my big girl for the time being. More than enough power for one-up, two-up and eventually two-up with a camper trailer. :grin:
  8. Welcome Esk look out for these whilst riding in your small town :LOL:

  9. Hi Esk, welcome to NR. Your town sounds like my kinda place, nice and quiet.
  10. Ditto!!! I wanna go to the country. Quiet and slow :)
  11. Sorry to disappoint you Cookeetree - just another lady rider here but still up for that drink. It's Ms actually, not Mrs. I love my little Virago although I started riding bikes when I was 19 and had a break away while bringing up the kids etc. Now back in the saddle for the past couple of years and wondering why I ever stopped. Thanks to steve2909, pete and lowercase for their welcome messages - I will be sure to watch out for those tumbleweeds. Hey lowercase, its only the lifestyle thats slow not necessarily the people (although I must agree, there are some out here that are pretty slow).
  12. Disappointed? Nah, just confused. That's the problem with the 'net, though. Oh, sorry about the Mrs / Ms mix-up. :oops:

    It's great that you got back into riding after such a break. It's going to be frustrating for me when we have kids. I love being able to go for rides with Mrs Tree, but that's not going to happen often after the wee little ones come along. Luckily, her folks are moving down our way from the north coast. Hello, babysitters! :grin:
  13. No apology necessary - easy mistake to make. It is hard to keep up the riding when the kids come along. Mine are all grown up now and I'm the Grandma. Thankfully, they live in Adelaide so I don't have to babysit at all - only when I go to visit. Looking forward to seeing them (3 grandaughters) at Christmas.
  14. Sounds like there's a quorum forming for a ride in the Brisane Valley sometime. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Wow, there's a new word for my vocabulary!

    quo·rum [kwawr-uhm] – noun
    1. the number of members of a group or organization required to be present to transact business legally, usually a majority.
    2. a particularly chosen group.

    Definitely up for a ride out that way sometime. We don't have a November group ride organised yet! :wink:

    Was good to meet you on the weekend, Pete. Have you overheard anything about my bike? I've yet to hear anything from Springwood Suzuki or Suncorp.
  16. I head out that direction from time to time. Have to catch up at some point.

    Welcome aboard.
  17. Good morning all, thanks to Bumblebeeman for the welcome note. A ride in the Bris Valley is a great idea, pitty I am busy every weekend this month.
  18. Hi Dirty TRix, thanks for the welcome. Would like to catch up for a drink with any fellow bikers anytime.