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Hello from Diamond Creek, Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Binary, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Hello Netriders,

    Just a quick post to say hello and join in on this very active community. I've been reading every day and learning for a few weeks now, and am impressed at how helpful, friendly and positive everyone is (not to mention knowledgeable).
    Anyway, as with many new joiners, I'm just about to book in for my Ls. I will be doing the 2day training with HART. I had trail bikes when I was younger so hopefully I will go OK.
    I'm still working on wife approval to buy a bike but she is slowly coming around. 250s seem pretty expensive in Melbourne so I am keeping my eye out for the usual 250s (across, ZZR, GPX, etc) with a little cosmetic damage to get the price down. Any tips on getting wife approval are appreciated :)
    (I've already tried getting her to buy a bike too, she's not interested).

  2. Oooo, Diamond Creek. You're in for some fun riding around your neighbourhood! :grin: Just be very careful on your first ride up to Kinglake. Some corners will surprise you. :shock:

    Riding a road bike is VERY different to riding a dirt bike, but it will help you. Just watch out for survival reactions, and take notice of that little thing called Counter Steering. Also take note that the front brake is more important on a road bike. Don't be afraid of it. You can save the leaning off the bike and knee down for later on.

    Welcome to the mad house.
  3. Thanks for the heads up - Kinglake direction is exactly where I intend to head once I get my confidence up. I'll keep it basic for the moment and might do some more advanced course later on for the knee down stuff, etc.

    A few years ago I had a quick ride of a friends Virago down my drive way and it felt so completely different to my trail bike. The riding position felt totally strange, how it turned, everything. The only thing that was helpful is that I knew where/how the gears, clutch and brakes worked.
  4. Even knowing where the controls are and how to use them without looking or thinking about it is a big advantage.

    The Virago would have felt very strange because it is a cruiser with larger rake angle on the steering head. A ZZR, GPX, VTR, etc will feel much more like your trail bikes did, but still require quite different control inputs. You'll learn though. :cool:

    It's fun on the way up to Kinglake to zip around tight left handers on a lean, and be able to look straight down the vertical cliff you are leaning over. :eek: Just don't get a fright when it happens :!: The biggest danger on that road is actually oncoming vehicles on your side of the road, or going wide on a corner into an oncoming vehicle. There are some corners marked 15Km/h that actually ARE 15Km/h corners, even on a bike. Keep it safe when you get there. :grin:
  5. Welcome Binary,
    hope to see you out on the road soon.
  6. Welcome aboard this ride. \:D/ :biker:
    Sounds like you're after a "sports" bike but dont forget the nakeds as well.
    250's are over priced in VIC but thats the way it is. If you get a good one you can flog it off in a couple of years for not much less than you paid providing its in similar condition. We wont have LAMS for a while. Might as well jump in sooner rather than later.

    What a great back yard to go riding in. :woot:
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys.
    Hope to catch you at a ride or coffee event in the future - when I actually have a bike!

    2wheelsagain, I like the naked bikes too (less plastic to scratch!), there just seems to be more 2nd hand sports bikes around in my $$$ range. I think I'll stay away from the cruiser / Virago style bikes.
  8. Welcome to the forums.. :grin: You are in the perfect spot to duck out for quick blat.

    On the wife side, well mine just said ok what ever.. But now she is always on my case, something about loving the bikes more than her.. :LOL:

    Anyway i normally head across your way for a ride, so maybe one day we will catch up.. :cool:
  9. I think I'll just have to keep nagging the wife until she says what ever too. I think I'm pretty close now, and very tempted whenever I see a 250 pop up in the trading section.
    Hope to catch you on a ride after I get up to speed (not literally).
  10. Tell her that you really need to do this for the next phase of your life. Also explain that once you have the bike you will never be home on weekends, maybe that might work. Leave the weekend thing out if you think that will backfire.. :LOL:
  11. Hi Liam, welcome to the forums. Look forward to seeing you at a coffee night or thursday night ride. If you're interested in a naked you can pick up something like a Spada (VTR250's older brother, much cheaper) for $3-4k. I've been riding one for a year and it's a fun bike, if a little small for my 6'2" height!

    Good luck with the course :)
  12. I hate to ad more pain to your buying but dont forget to include good gear and insurance in you funding. If you're a regular size you can get most gear off ebay and some of the quality is pretty good.
  13. The weekend thing would definitely backfire for me! We were driving through St Andrews today and there were heaps of guys riding past on bikes. She could see that I wanted to join in on the fun, so she said I can get a bike as long as I don't go faster than 60km/h :grin:

    I'll have a look in to the spadas. I'm only 5'6" so the smaller the better for me. Around $3k is were I hoping to end up (not including gear).

    I think I'll start buying gear over the next month, so that by the time I get a bike I'll be ready to go and it won't be such a financial burden. I'll check out ebay, but might try a store first to buy a helmet and figure out my clothes sizing. Most clothes are too big for me :(
  14. 0011101000111010110011
    00101101010011111 :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. :LOL: HAHAHA
    I wanted to post something like that but I don't speak binary.

    5'6 hey? spada good.

    check out www.bikebiz.com.au for cheap packeages on gear.
  16. Welcome Liam :grin:
    Sounds like you're doing well wearing down your lady.
    Sorry I can't do my bike for $3k, but all the best in your search. I'm sure you'll find something suitable.
  17. Spada wil lbe perfect for 5'6...i'm about 5'8 or so and can easily touch the ground... you'll have no probs with it.
  18. Welcome 2 NR Binary
  19. Thanks everyone. I'm booked in for learners in 4 weeks so hopefully all goes well and I'll see you on the road soon.
    There seem to be some nice spadas on bikesales for around the $$ I want to spend, although I wouldn't mind a CBR if you change your mind Pinkxie :wink:
  20. Just passed my L's today at HART :grin: I'm relieved too, because over half of the group I was in failed... The trail bike riding experience definitely made the difference.
    Expect to see me scouring the bikes for sale section and your local accessories store in the coming months!