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Hello from Darwin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by loubre, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. G'day all, names Lou, I'm from Darwin, 56, Ulysses member and have just traded my BMW K1300R in on a new BMW K1600GT, pick her up on the 25th, really excited, going to be a looong couple of weeks! Mate and I did a 10500km half loop of Australia a couple of months ago and it showed up the 1300R's touring flaws and as I'm not getting any younger reckoned it was time to get rid of the hooligan bike and get a more age suitable ride lol Hope to see some of you on the road!

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  2. Welcome to NR.

    What year was the K1300R?
  3. G'day Bunjy
  4. Hey Loubre! Just so happens I signed up for Darwin Street Bikes yesterday, I am sure I saw the name there! I reckon I may have spoken to you once at Cyclone as well, I *love* K1300Rs and I would have had to have said something about how awesome they look.
  5. Gee, hang around here for months and be annoying and still get forgotten about. What does that make Darwin's member count now? Do we need to use two hands to count them on yet?
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  6. Take it easy. No one from Darwin can count that high mate. :)
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  7. That's because they'd be counting drinks. By the time they got to five, they either wouldn't care any more, pass out, or not know which finger was real.
  8. I'll have to take no longer caring, because admitting anything to only 5 drinks is not within the accepted character of the NT.

    I note that you and Loubre are both on big Bimmers - do you know each other already?
  9. Yep sure do, old mates, we rode 10500kms together earlier this year, the K1300R is an awesome machine just not suited to the long distance stuff I seem to be doing more and more of, they're a real hooligan bike! Lady K is a 2012 for the one that asked by the way, fell in lust after a demo ride last year, now have come to my senses and woken up to the fact she's just not right so bit the bullet and traded her in on her big sister, very good chance you've seen me in Cyclone, yep both Brick and myself are DSB members.
  10. Well the new 16 has arrived, definitely ready for pickup this Thursday and already have her booked in for her first service the following Thursday :riding:
  11. That's awesome, how does she ride? I remember I got my current bike on the Easter weekend....it had to go in pretty soon as well!
  12. She's absolutely awesome, doing a Jabiru Triangle run tomorrow 26 July if you're interested, meet at Caltex Humpty Doo 0800 for 0830.
  13. Hey Loubre, sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately I was running/playing in a tournament on the 27th and I was prepping for it on the 26th, as well as getting a flat tyre from a nail that popped out again. Couldn't see the hole immediately because the tire had overheated a little and it had pits all around the centreline, so it went on the back of a ute....

  14. G'day Lips.