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Hello from Darlinghurst, Sydney :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dii, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Hi I'm Di (Netrider required that my username be at least 3 letters long).

    i'm 28, live in Darlinghurst and got my L's in August '10.

    I'd like to meet people who live in/near Sydney CBD who wouldn't mind riding with an overly-cautious novice. As my partner and I share the bike, and we are both on our L's, we can only ride one at a time! And i'm always up for improving my technique - any knowledge imparted would be extremely appreciated!

    I have only really started riding this last month - full-time shift work and part-time uni didn't allow for me to get out much. But i'm loving it now! I did my first 50km joyride last week.

    I just booked my Pre-provisional course on 29 Jan at St Ives (I wanted it out of the way before my big trip to Canada in Feb) so i hope to get to some practice sessions at Homebush before then. I hope there will be one running this Saturday (8 Jan). As i have a cruiser i'm a bit worried about the weaving, swerving and u-turn stuff - I still can't help but put my foot down - yikes!

    Attached is a photo of our Suzuki Intruder - the day we took it home.

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  2. Hi Di (dii) and welcome to Netrider. A nice, pleasing intro.
    Good luck with your riding and enjoying your nice wheels between the two of you....though I wonder - who gets to ride it more ? Hmmm...2nd bike on the way, perhaps ?

    Best of luck and enjoy the forums :)
  3. Hi Di,

    Welcome to NR .. there's a wealth of info here.

    Cya over on the Ls thread :bolt:
  4. Welcome :)

    sharing a bike must be an interesting challenge; shift-riding???
  5. Thanks guys :)

    Thankfully the shift work does make choosing who rides the bike a lot easier.

    Though we have already joked about getting a second bike... well maybe not quite joked but acually being half-serious... ;)
  6. Welcome in Di, see you out at Homebush :)
  7. Hey;

    I'd love to help out but my bike doesn't live with me anymore. I hail from Surry Hills though so beers are always on the agenda if you're thatway inclined.

    Have fun.
  8. sup


    enjoy the ride
  9. Welcome Di

    You and your partner are in for a great time. I would say stop joking or being half serious about getting a second bike and just go out and buy one. Have you seen the couple that ride together thread?

  10. *nods*

    Hi girl....welcome!

    I like you already, you ride the same ride as I do! Trust me, the lil Suzi will look after both of you, a great learners bike. I recently added a windscreen to mine as travelling at the wicked speeds I travel at saw me drop a few 'cup' sizes.

    You keep the Intruder, get your husband something else. You both NEED bikes!
  11. G'day Dii


    Fun Ha!
  12. :) I'm totally in love with my Queen (part of her name we gave her - there is something regal about her) - its a great learner bike and very comfortable for long rides.

    When i have *accidentally* gone over 80km/h the wind does getcrazy. I'll defo look into the windscreen - i was wondering how the other Intruders did it touring on highways.

    Thanks for the link. When monies will allow it (we just booked our o/s ski trip - ouch) we will seriously consider it. I just had a read of the couples forum and it really sounds like it would be a great bonding thing. Each time we come back from a ride we rattle on about how much fun it was, so it would be nice to share the moment instead of trying to describe it later.

    sounds good - when not on shift we could meet for a beer. We've been wanting to check out The Local Taphouse - 2.5 years living in the area and still a lot of places we haven't been to. I'll PM you when we decide to to head out - though that may be post-o/s trip
  13. Yeah, don't buy your windscreen from Suzuki, you'll pay a fortune. We bought mine from Ebay, brand new, delivered to the door from USA for $100. It has made riding highways so much more enjoyable.
  14. Shoulders getting a little frail are they Hornet? :p
  15. wow that is cheap - so it was still a suzuki brand one though? or other?
  16. Sounds like it lol

    Welcome dii at least you and your partner do shift work so you dont gotta fight over the bike.
  17. Thats just dinky Dii!!


  18. Welcome!!
  19. Welcome Dii, you have lots of fun times coming up, but yes, you really do need a second bike:)