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Hello from Dan's Mum

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by flawed, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Hello,
    I'm Dan's Mum Lynda, I'm 50 this year and have a small Antique business

    I'm the one who put the stolen CBR 600RR thread up

    I gather I didn't introduce myself.

    I'm not a bike fan, I begged Dan not to spend the last of his inheritance on the new Honda CBR 600 last year. He had been fortunate enough to get some money from my Dad's estate. He just finished his Law/Management degree in 2006 and secured a cadetship with the Reserve Bank.
    He has had a few bikes and he is probably a member himself of this forum. This was his fourth bike. He started with a jap fix up 250 then he had a nice yellow Suzuki bike,(which he sold to get out of debt) then his dad bought him an old Honda CBR1000 the same as his. This bike was powerful and fast but heavy. He then bought the Honda CBR600RR because he loves to throw it around corners and get his knee down.

    He scares me and I really hate bikes because I worry he will kill himself.
    He got knocked down by a car when he was running across the road, so I figured if he could nearly get killed on foot I guess I should just chill.

    He has had some spills, he is a bit reckless, but he tells me he is here for a good time not a long time.

    I feel very sorry for Dan about the bike, he wasn't insured. He had done all the right things with a variety of locks, chains and the bolt thing that goes into the ground.
    I guess when proffessional thieves want something, they come prepared. My husband had his Ford CR6 stolen twice from Parkville, in Vic. We didn't get it back the second time. It had a crook lock on it as well as security ignition.


    I know they say that its unlikely he will get the bike back, someone posted an old article which listed hondas as bikes that are often the targets of theives with a 30% chance of recovery.

    Dan hasn't got the internet at the moment because he's moving, so I have tried to do as much as I can for him.

    I have posted a $1000.00 reward for information leading to its recovery,
    so if you have any information I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks Lynda
  2. All the right things but no insurance, sorry to hear about the theft, but it can happen to anyone. So people if you have an expensive bike, get it insured, if you can't afford the insurance then don't buy the bike.
  3. Regrettable but true.
  4. can you get it insured for just fire and theft if it's one you don't ride.

    IE if you are restricted but you have a big bike ready and waiting, or a track bike??
  5. That's a bit harsh Steve.. insurance can be very expensive, especially for some of the younger riders, it can be costly for some of the naughty older ones too. (not me though, cause I've been a good boy and still got all my points)

    A young rider with a 600 or litre bike could be facing an insurance bill in excess of $1000 and worse if the bike is under a finance contract.
  6. I know it's harsh, but if you can afford a $13k-15k bike then whats $1,000 or even less for just third party fire and theft. Dan stands to loose a big investment at his age. If it was a car I bet you it would have been insured, strange when bikes are easier to steal.
  7. Steve, Dog forbid, but if you had a reversal of finances and found yourself in a position of not being able to insure your bikes .. would you sell them or continue to ride .. me .. I'd risk it everytime..
  8. That sucks, I think that most of us at some time have had an uninsured car or bike. Hope ya get it back.
  9. Honestly, if I couldn't afford the insurance then I couldn't afford the bike.
    I would spend less on the bike and have at least enough for the insurance, even if it's 3rd Party Fire & Theft.
  10. :WStupid:
  11. I think you’re missing the point, IF say you lost your job and all your money in your bank account vanished and the amount you pay for insurance is too much for you to pay NOW would you sell the bikes you ALREADY HAVE because you can’t afford to insure them or would you keep riding?
  12. This is from the other thread the theft. Loosing a bike of this value would really hurt :(
  13. The same principle applies, I would get the money from somewhere, maybe sell something that's less important to me or the bike goes.
    What if you have no money and have an accident with another car, is it worth the further financial pain that it would create for years to come.
    You do things you can afford, if can't afford it, you shouldn't do it, lets face it there is no netriderdicare in this world.

    I believe in 3rd Party Fire & Theft for every vehicle should be compulsary, but that's another subject.
  14. no insurance

    Boy, the NO Insurance kicked off some negative comments, but you did ask if it was insured

    I thought he had looked into 3rd party and fire and theft and couldn't get it ?

    The yellow bike before this one he bought on finance and he put it down on a dodgy bit of road surface (loose gravel)

    He didn't have that insured either but he managed to hunt up the parts on the net and get it back together. He stood waving eveyone else down for three hours while he waited for his pick up.

    He sold it once he had it back together, and paid off his loan.

    Sad thing is he was SO CAREFUL with this one, really,
    he was freaked out that something would happen to it so he had been tossing up whether to sell it before Christmas.

    I don't know where the $1000.00 for insurance is coming from but I'm pretty sure that it was more like 4000

    Instead of attacking Dan for being silly enough to not insure it, how about a thought for the absolute low lifes that helped themselves to his locked bike. Really ? how would you feel if you came out to your garage and your bike wasn't there, it's sickening....

    He road the old bike up to Maitland to spend Christmas with us, He didn't want to put the 1000 klms on his CBR600.
    Really sad.....

    We were going to take our trailer down and bring it back for him when we brought the girls back from Melbourne in December, so I feel guilty that it's not safe here with us.

    Nearly a thousand people have seen this posting, I'm just going to hope something good comes of it.

  15. Re: no insurance

    Don't think anyone is attacking Dan, just hoping that someone will learn from his misfortune in the hand of some low life thiefs.
    Life will allways deal us with tough situations, what we must do it minimise the impact that these situations that are placed upon us.
    I really hope you find the bike, however it sounds like all Dan will loose is the bike and he had no finance company to pay back, think about the worst case senaro if there was finance as well.
  16. Steve which insurance company offers 3rd Party Fire & Theft, if i could one that did i would ditch the full comp. From my experience no one will offer theft on motorcycles :mad:
  17. I have had 3rd Party Fire & Theft with RACV on a bike. They may stipulate that the bike must be locked in a garage at night, but not really sure.
  18. My insurance costs way over a grand. And this is with being over 30 and rating 1. I've just broken down my payments per fortnight so less of a financial burden. I knew what the insurance would cost but I wanted this bike and budgeted for it. Must admit, if I can't afford the insurance, I wouldn't be riding. It would be too expensive to rear-end a Mercedes benz and not having insurance to pay for a over the top expensive bumper.

    As to 3rd party fire and theft, I thought Swann did. They did for me when I was on my old 2fiddy.

    Western QBE

  19. the fcukers at racv, thats who i am with.... guess who getting a very nasty fcuking call right now.. :evil: fcuking insurance companies are the biggest pack of fcuking lier's around.....


    thanks guys....

    well just got off the phone.... and yep they are sticking by what they said won't offer me theft... oh well gonna try them all again :(