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Hello, from Coffs Harbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ozboater, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all.

    I'm Ashley, from the Bellinger Valley, and just joined Netrider.

    I love biking, cycling, astronomy, boat building (built 6 boats) and boating. I own way to many boats, but that's not what I'm here for.

    Been living and working in the Bellinger Valley, for 34 years, and am just getting back on my feet after medical issues made me have to give up my career 7 years before my planned retirement. YAY, especially as I will probably not work again. YAY..... YAAAAY again.

    I've ridden bikes for 40 years now, and there has been only 2 years in all this time when there hasn't been a bike in the garage. First bike was a GT 500 Titan Suzuki, then Ducati SD900 Darmah (my favourite bike), a few GSX1100 Suzukis, followed by a Suzuki GT250, Yamaha XJ550, then XJ600 (stolen by one of my boys for Armidale Uni transport), which prompted a new Ducati 900SS with carbon pipes (a superbly visceral ride) and then the Ducati Monster 695, so incredibly accessible, practical and fun.

    I did a track day at Phillip Island on the SS when Troy Bayliss was World SuperBike Champion. He signed my Ducati Jacket. At 5000 km at the time, this nicely finished the running in with several top speed and full throttle blasts.

    Despite the 2 Ducatis currently in the garage, I was doing less and less riding, even though there are fantastic Ducati roads around here.

    Recently, I was at a healing resort in Phuket, Thailand, and was captivated by the scooters. Whilst I would never ride a scooter in Thailand (62 tourists every single day, on Phuket alone, need the hospital or an undertaker) , I loved looking at them, and at the creative local riders, and at many utterly stupid tourists.

    When I got home, I found 1/4 of my pics were of scooters.

    3 days after getting home we had reason to go into the local Honda dealer, and right there on the floor was our scooter - a pristine deep metallic blue Suzuki AN250 Burgman with 12 months reg included. Paid cash the next day.

    This has got me back into riding, and I can't get enough of it. I'm always looking for excuses to ride it. Came home in the car one night and realised we'd forgotten to pick up milk. So I helmeted up and scooted 15km back into town, mid-winter night, and came back with 6 bags of groceries under the seat.

    I love the low throne, step-over mounting, amazing carrying capacity, relaxed riding position, fantastic road presence, and enough go to do 120kph on the 5km of 110 freeway I sometimes ride home. Had some great stares from cagers as I cruise past them, feet forward, on a scooter. And it's heaps of fun.

    I've noticed a few disparaging remarks about scooters and their riders on the forums. I think there is some narrow minded ignorance on the part of some bike riders, who have probably never ridden a scooter.

    For the ignorant and narrow minded, I own both, I ride both, and love both equally. Both types of bike have a place.

    Personally, I don't consider bikes and scooters as different genres. I consider they are all bikes of 3 types: step-through, step-over, and swing-over. All are bikes, and all have their place with different riders and circumstances.

    Currently I'm looking at the Aprilia 850 scooter, as it is a step-over that is very close in spec to my 900SS. Tossing up with a new BMW R1200RT like my brother owns. He also has a BMW 650 GT scooter too, and loves both. Difficult choice which one gets my cash. Happily I'm in a position to decide, and I don't give a frig what someone else thinks coz it's my bike, my ride and not theirs.

    The Headmaster of the school my 5 kids attended is a Harley rider. He was telling us of a Harley group ride he was on, and how they had laboured through kilometers of windies, when they suddenly broke out onto long staights. Smiles broke out all round when they hit the straights and the throttle, he said.

    I love the curves, especially as my Ducati lives for them.

    Does their ride enjoyment have any less value than my enjoyment ? Only the small minded think so.

    So, that's me, and I hope you all enjoy your ride whatever and wherever it is. And keep the black stuff down so you come back safely to your family, so you can do it all again tomorrow.

    Ashley ( ozboater )
  2. Welcome Ashley, I prefer to think 2 wheels good, four wheels bad. Ride what does it for you and to hell with the naysayers.
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  3. Great intro, Ashley.
    Welcome along
  4. Welcome to Netrider Ashley....Coffs Harbour is lovely...I bet your weather is better for riding than what we have been getting in Vic just lately :sour:
  5. Welcome officially ozboaterozboater
    Nice stable you have there.
    If ever your duc wants some lame whinja company on the twisties let me know :) I will be in port mac until Feb 2016 :woot:
  6. G'day AshleyAshley and welcome to Netrider. Yours is a very open and fair-minded approach to bikes and riding, I like it. That you're retired and on two wheels in the Bellinger Valley is a marvellous thing, feel free to post a ride report and or photo or three of your rides, mid-week or otherwise!
  7. welcome ozboaterozboater I come from a bit further north - originally from Casino - spent holidays at Lennox Head but you are definitely in a lovely part of the state. I used to have the Aprilia 300 scooter and was considering the 850 but went an MT-03 instead. I can't fault the Aprilia and I would certainly imaging the 850 would be just as awesome. I did consider the BMW scooter but found it just looked a bit to chunky and as though bits and been attached for no particular reason. But I would ride them and buy whatever feels right for you. Enjoy
  8. Mmmm, welcome Ashley.

    I think we should all go up to your place for a long weekend and nut this scooter issue out