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Hello from Coffs Harbour

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Charrlise, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Good Morning All,

    So I guess the process is to introduce myself here first.

    I have a Red/Black 2007 Honda CBR125R and it has been the best bike I could have ever purchased to learn road riding. I purchased the bike off a lady in Ballarat in new condition, with only 121kms for $2000, this was the beginning of my fuel saving journey to work and back.

    I obtained my learner licence mid January, the 4x4 went into storage in the garage and I have been riding the bike everywhere since then. I ride to work 60km round trip every day and to my horses agistment up over the mountain to Upper Orara another 40kms; so clocking up about 100kms a day and only only fill up once a week averaging about $13.00 (with premium). I have certainly learnt to ride quickly being almost thrown in the deep end with it being my a matter of daily transport and especially with all this rain we have been having lately, (I do hate riding in the rain, It is very slippery at the best of times)

    As of yesterday, I have just past my (MOST) P's test with flying colours; you would hope so after clocking up near 4500kms on my bike since January while on my L's.. Twelve mths time I hope to upgrade, I love fairings/super sport bikes not one for the naked ones, mind you my partner's CB400 sounds oh so nice with its staintune exhaust (think I will have to have one of those on my next bike). I have been looking for an upgrade already wish Honda brought out a 400RR super sport bike rather than the huge jump to the CBR600RR; heard about the new CBR500RR however not sold on it, remove a few fairings and you have a tourer cause of the higher set handle bars??? I like my handle bars a little lower.

    Well I am pleased to be a biker, its my red super fast road pony (A horse rider at heart and every other moment I'm not on the bike).

    Best regards

    Charrlise ;)
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    Hey, Welcome to netrider!

    Are you hot?

    ok now i got that in there before @87crisis. Welecome to NR. Nice buy! Only ever ridden through Coffs once but there's certainly some pretty places up that way... have a ball!
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  3. oh and look into an RVF or VFR 400..... honda supersport.

    should put your partners CB to shame ;-)
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  5. Had a look at the RVF and VFR 400, not found of the square shape, I do like my Preying Mantis Shape on my CBR. LOL.

    Interesting enough I was waiting in the dealer lounge to pick up my car yesterday afternoon, and on TV they had a motorsport show, in which they were comparing the top 5 1000 bikes and top 4-5 600's. The ZX6 certainly took my fancy, as did the R6 with its may lights at the front :)
  6. Hi and welcome to NR. With all the riding you've done go to a 600 once you've 'done your time'. Cheers.
  7. welcome and ditto for the 600, you wont look back from whats been said about them.
  8. Thank you :) Looking into the 600's ok, yep I'm pretty sure a 600 will see me out for a long time. :)