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Hello from Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pennybrain, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. Hello all, my name is Kate and I am from Canberra.
    I have just bought an Aprilia RS 125 and started riding on the road. I have ridden dirt bikes for many years now but never ridden on the road (legally).
    The Aprilia so far is an awesome bike and it is heaps of fun. It is a 2005 Casey Stoner special edition model.
    I also own a Yamaha YZ 125.

  2. Welcome.

    Be sure to rock up to the next coffee night at Garema Place the Monday after next. The price of attending is me having a shotty on the Aprilia :p.
  3. ^^^ and drooling on the seat hey kier

    welcome to NR kate, keep a watch in other state rides and events for planned rides in the act, also more info on our fortnightly coffee meets are in there as well
  4. I will be sure to come along to one of the coffee nights! I need some cold weather gear as it is a bit cold out on the bike at night times!
  5. that it is, walking out looking anything less then michlin man is unappropriate :LOL:
  6. And feeling like the michlin man too!
    Here are some pictures of my bikes.

    The Aprilia

    The Yamaha
  7. Welcome Y'all! Nice bikes!
  8. hmmm, the rs is pretty sexy, wanna swap :p :LOL: in your dreams :LOL:
  9. Sweet looking bikes.

    Welcome aboard.
  10. lol I don't think I could handle a 1000cc just yet. I'm still learning on the road (only got my licence 1 month ago but have been riding dirt for years).
  11. Oooh not quite as nice as the 06 model but very very nice none the less.

    Damn boys, we need to get a trailie so we can destroy it at Beanpole's place, I saw a cheap one for $600...that's $200 each*.

    *Calculations do not include subsequent hospital costs.
  12. lol i might be in kier
  13. Hi, yet another Canberan here.

    My name is Lisa, I ride an Yamaha FZ6N and Cagiva Xtraptor ( 1000cc )
    Been riding for almost 20yrs on road. I guess I am a bike addict. Even work with them.

    Looking foward to meeting you on the 2nd. I can not make the ride Sat 23rd as I have to work.


  14. lol lisa welcome, but you are supposed to start your own welcome thread :p
  15. Ok, I am a tad bad on the reading through things. Opps. Sorry .

    So, Hi Kate. ( as it is your welcome ) I Like the bike's.

    Glad to see you have decided to ride on the road as well. It is great fun

  16. Welcome to our little world.. :cool:
  17. Dangerously, welcome to both of you :) :LOL:.
  18. Hi Lisa! I'm glad you used my thread as your welcome as well, the more the merrier! Looking forward to this monday meeting. Where abouts does everyone park their bikes?
  19. in garema place, just off bunda street there is a alleyway/carpark sort of between the canberra centre and where ali barbar is, go in there, go right and you will see the bike parking :grin:
  20. I think I know where you mean. Is that the alley way thats just up from the merry go round? I don't go into civic very much these days and it is changing so much lately that I find myself getting lost!