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Hello from Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bionic Rooster, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. Hi everyone. :)
    I also have a motorcycle forum dedicated to the Yamaha Star Brand which is International with members all around the world including Australia. In fact our International Star Riders Association (I.S.R.A.) was founded in Australia.
    I live in Canada and ride a 2003 Road Star which I triked out several years ago.
    I look forward to reading and enjoying what this forum has to offer.

  2. welcome aboard :)
  3. G'day Bionic RoosterBionic Rooster, where abouts are you?, Canada is a big place
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  4. Welcome to the forum mate
  5. Central British Columbia in the mountains :)
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  6. Thank you both :)
  7. Welcome mate :cool:
  8. Will require pics of your travels when you are able to upload, had a nephew work in Banff for a winter a couple of years ago
  9. Gday mate. Welcome aboard.
  10. I've just disappointed myself with the realisation that "gday mate" only came out to greet a foreigner. I'll bring it back in for all you locals too

    Beautiful slice of the world you're living in, Bionic RoosterBionic Rooster. What's your favourite local ride to do? Any nice mountain roads that call you back time and again through the summer? I still haven't made my way to Canada, I'll have to go have a look soon..
  11. Welcome Bionic RoosterBionic Rooster what's the story behind the name ?. This time last year I was exploring your territory and had an absolute ball exploring your roads, admiring your scenery and dodging your wildlife on the ride. ( 2 x black bears, 1 x moose, numerous deer and elk plus a number of little furry critters - marmot ??). Rode up to Bella Coola via Williams lake/150 mile house then back east through the Ochinagan valley before looping back to Little Fort. then getting caught in a massive traffic jam from Hope to Vancouver. Turns out British Columbia day long weekend isn't the day to ride that highway.... 140 klms of stop start crawling in 35 C heat - grrr.. Tried riding the verge only to get stopped by the "mounties" who threatened to take my bike for road rule violations despite me pleading that technically I wasn't ON the road.. Took a fair bit of ass licking to get out of that one..
    Hope to make the BC summer riding an annual event as eldest daughter has married a Canadian and lives on Vancouver Island. Might get to meet you on the road one day.
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  12. I'm sorry as per the regulation in other welcome threads I cannot welcome you properly for at least 18 months.
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  13. Welcome to nr ehh.
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  14. Thanks all for the warm welcome. (y)

    Salmon Valley Road just outside our town is a favorite, lots of twisty turns, all peaceful back roads that avoid the the cagers.
    Google Maps
    But then just about all the back roads here are awesome rides.:LOL:

    The Island has some nice roads to ride also. If you get to Nanaimo ride up to Parksville then take #4 across to Ucluelet on the west coast. Riding through the parks with old growth timber is awesome, lots of tourist stops along the way.
    Google Maps
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  15. Thanks for the welcome. (y) It's a evolution from being called a big prick in grade school, then Super Cock in the locker room at high school and finally morphed into Bionic Rooster during the 6 Million Dollar Man era. :ROFLMAO:
    It was also my call sign when I was a big rig driver.
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  16. Hi Bionic RoosterBionic Rooster , Salmon Arm is a top spot for exploring (as is most of BC except during the wildfires last year - riding for hours in heavy smoke made me smell like a pig on a spit roast....). You are right, the ride to Ucluelet was a lot of fun and it's a good little town to chill out in unlike Tophino which
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  17. was busting at the seams with tourists - still very scenic and interesting I just like things a bit more "normal"
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  18. Welcome to the mad house Bionic RoosterBionic Rooster.
    This place certainly makes for fun reading and there's plenty of experienced riders to banter with.
    Amazing place of the world... Bar the cold!
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