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Hello from Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rene Leblanc, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Hi guys:

    My name is Rene and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I like to do sport touring - on the busa when I'm alone, on the C14 when my SO is with me!

  2. Hiiii

    Are you hot ?

    Also you have a fellow maple leaf floating around the forums in the form of madazz300
  3. Hot? What do you mean? In Canada, I'm not used to guys asking me if I'm hot!! Gals yeah, but guys...not so much! Is this an Australian's greeting?
  4. Welcome to Netrider.

    A few people have 'accused' this forum of being sexist when asking new female members if they are 'hot'. Now everyone gets this question!
  5. Oh! I get it now. FYI, I'm a guy! Rene is a guy's name... among French Canadians!!!! Sorry to disappoint!!!
  6. French have to ruin everything don't they *shakes head* this is Thailand all over again
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  7. Not French, buddy! French Canadian! There is a difference!!
  8. I know there is - I'm not so much stupid as just ignorant
  9. Don't mind me for the record - I represent the 1% of dodgy notrider
  10. welcome aboard :] nice part of the world you're from
  11. Bonjour mon ami! How's the nation's capital these days?

    Fellow Canadian here. From Toronto though. The true capital of Canada, :p

    So will you be coming to the land down under?
  12. Welcome to NR !
  13. Dodgy 1%? Nah mate, it's a lot more than that! Half the mods are as dodgy as fcuk. Then there's all of us deviants who post in the "dumb ass question" thread, the "are you hot" thread, and the "epic boobs" thread... There are heaps more of us dodgy bastards than 1%! ;)

    To Mr N00b from the land of mapel syrup: wElCoMe To NuTrIdEr! :wacky: