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Hello from Campbelltown NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Arokh72, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hi all

    Just did my first pre learner run on Friday. Took me a few goes to even get the bike going, but I was able to eventually stay upright. Need a lot of work on braking it seems, I grab and not roll off. Day 2 this Friday. I'm hoping to not stack too early. The trip from the bike shop home will be fun when it comes, probably best to pick it up when the roads are quiet. Sadly no local industrial areas to practise around, though I'm close to plenty of fairly quiet streets.

    Most importantly as I was riding around in an oval I was enjoying myself. A huge grin was on my face. If that's what it's like going around in an oval, then I can imagine it'll be awesome when out there on the road...and a bit more confident.

    I'm looking for a larger bike as I'm a larger bloke in both weight and height. Want to do more than just commute. So far the FZ6 looks like my style.
  2. G'day mate, also from Campbelltown, the SA one though. Welcome aboard.
  3. Another Campbelltown rider, and this time of the NSW variety.

    Support your idea of a larger LAMS bike. You can grow tired of the the smaller capacity bikes (250cc) quickly as you need to work them harder than the larger capacity bikes and can be tiresome on longer rides. Larger capacity bikes are easier to ride due to the greater amount of torque they produce, plus you won't want/need to upgrade as quickly. The FZ6 is fine as are the Kawasaki 600s, don't forget to look at the LAMS favourite GS500(f) and other Suzuki bikes (GS650, 650 VStrom, etc) and depending on your budget the newish Honda 500s.

    No reason why you can't pick up a good late model 2nd hand bike trough bikesales, gumtree, etc. Through a dealer could well cost you 20-25% more over a private sale.

    Apart from the simple advice of getting a larger capacity LAMS bike, you need to consider who you will be riding with as you don't want a cruiser style if all your mates are on sport bikes and visa versa.

    Search the internet for checklists of what you should be looking for when buying a 2nd hand bike. Handy to have/know whether buying through a dealer or private.

  4. welcome aboard mate:]
  5. Hey guys. I just wanted to say I now have my Ls. So stoked.
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  6. Well done and congratulations.

    Next step if your own bike
  7. Put a deposit down on a Ninja 650 today. Nice bike, very comfortable. It was nice being able to ride off just by letting the clutch out, unlike the CB125s the course was done on.
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  8. Good, capacity is king. Where did you buy it from?
  9. Got it from On Two Wheels.
  10. Good, when do you pick it up? Did you buy new?
  11. Went new. It's subject to finance, so pick up perhaps end of the week. Though the weather this week looks rider unfriendly as in wet all week.
  12. Fellow campbelltown rider here mate the sydney type too. Lol if u wanna ride sometime hit me up i have r1 always keen for night rides as i work weekends.