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Hello from California

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Coyote, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm thinking about doing a trip to Australia the end of this year and would really like to do some riding while I'm there. The plan is to stay in Sydney Sep,Oct, and Nov. I'll be taking some classes and learning about Australia. If it all comes together I'll be doing a lot more of enjoying Australia than learning about it. :wink:

    About me. I'm an old fart who enjoys doing a bit of riding. I live by the San Francisco Bay in California. My bikes are an '05 Yamaha FJR 1300 and a Honda CRF 230 (that doesn't get much use). Most of my riding is day rides with local groups, with a road trip thown in every three or four months.

    This forum looks like a great place to connect with Australian riders and get good advice. And I will be needing some advice. After lurking about here, I will have a bunch of questions. Like what the hell is a an L and a P? :?: Rent or buy? If buy, then what will be quick and easy to sell when it's time to go home? License? Laws? Cops? Insurance? And much more. But I will post those Qs later in other forum areas.

    Hope to meet and ride with some of you later this year.
  2. 000200A1. Welcome to NR :cool:

    When you first get a licence here you have a period as a learner (L plate). After 3 months you can re-test and get a provisional plate (P plate). On a P plate you have certain restrictions that apply for the first year (no pillion, capacity limits, power to weight limits, zero blood alcohol, etc). During these periods you have to display a corresponding plastic plate on your bike.

    Non of which should apply to you. Can't help with the other questions but we are a helpful bunch here at Netrider so someone will supply the answers you seek. If you go to ask police in the sidebar, Hubie may be able to help. Enjoy your time in Oz when you get everything organised.
  3. G'day Coyote - welcome to netrider.
    if you like the twistie stuff make a trip down south to Melbourne - we got some of the best up in the Ranges just east of town mostly thru semi rainforest - just did bout 500 ks ( 300 miles ) yesterday aft and today - had an absolute ball - from melbourne you can take the ferry o/night to Tasmania which is riding heaven. ( There's thread from just a few weeks back with photos about a trip some from nr did - u might find it interesting.
    For a three month stay you'd prob be better to buy as hiring is very expensive - ( seems to me ) Hunt around the site - think I saw a rental outfit advertising here somewhere.

    Have Fun
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    That Tasmania trip looks great and is definitely on my must see list.

    Twisty roads .... yeah! Don't too much care for straight highways. Driving on the left is bit scary though. Going against traffic in any vehicle is bad. On a bike it's downright deadly. That's the second reason I'm hoping to hook up with group rides to start out. So I can just follow someone who will keep me on the correct side of the road while I adapt. I'm sixty, so I'm a bit concerned about whether groups in Australia have any age bias against oldsters. Or maybe worse yet, an American oldster.

    Uuuuh.... your throttles are on the right, right?? :wink:
  5. Nah, there's already more than a few grumpy old bastards frequenting Netrider events/rides already.
    I'm sure you'll fit right in :grin: .
  6. heheh i'm sure they're not all grumpy :LOL:

    enjoy your trip Coyote
  7. http://www.closemotorcycles.com.au/travellers.htm

    Hi mate and welcome.

    Check this site out ,might help you with a few ????? and they have the bike buy back ,not sure if its a great dealer or shop I have never used them ,but I have never heard bad about them ,so its a start ,and the guys will give you any opinion of them if you ask.

    We don't care about age here at NR or what you ride ,scooter ,cruiser ,dirt bikes, sports ......What ever ..as long as your up for a laught and a ride and the odd beer at the end of the day.
  8. ..Sleddog

    Great tip on Close Motorcycles, it might be just what I need. I'll be in touch with them soon.

    As for the beer... I owe you one already, but I'll need to learn how to say it properly. I think it's something like beeyah. :p


    I said old .... not f&@k'n grumpy. Hmmmmph. :wink: And you can't prove the the bastard part either.
  9. There's no point being old and happy, people will just think you've gone senile :p :LOL:.
  10. Beeyah ... that will do :LOL: ,and make it a schooner.

    Schooner = the big glass. :wink: