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Hello from Bundy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dp., Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Hi, I am Dennis from Bundaberg, QLD.
    I have found this forum on the google more than a year ago while have been searching for some info on motobikes. Found it really useful and informative.
    I was born in Russia and back that time when I was 15 - 18 y.o. I have had a few bikes in the 45cc - 350cc engine size range. Of course all of them were real POS (Piece of Sh...) giving me lots of trouble.
    Last year when time has come to get another vehicle I decided to use that chance to return back to the motobike world. So, I got a new Yamaha Jog CV50 to start with, deristricted it and have ridden it for a year until I got sick of it's slow take offs and obvious lack of power to keep up with the other vehicles in the heavy traffic. But anyway I have had lots of fun riding it, and never had a single mechanical failure.
    Last week I got 2007 Honda VTR250, following the advice I got on this forum I bought it second hand with 3475 km on it. Really Great bike, it is just made to ride it. On the first day I have ridden it I have done 99 km and first time looked at odo when it was already showing 48 km. It is real fun and pleasure to ride it.

  2. Welcome to nertrider Dennis.

    And welcome back to the bike world
  3. Thank you
  4. Welcome Daniel, it's nice to know that Netrider has been useful for you :).
  5. Welcome to the Forum Daniel enjoy the ride
  6. guys he said his name was dennis, lol

    welcome mate, im a fellow QLD'er, enjoy your riding and stay safe!!
  7. G'day Dennis and welcome from the depths of Victoria

    Cam :grin:
  8. Arrr...Bundy....so tell me Dennis, is 't th' rum ye prefer or would ye rather stick wi' th' drink o' yer motherland?
  9. I would rather stick with Whiskey
  10. welcome to netrider!