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Hello from Brisvagas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Fabes, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Hello to all,

    I have just turned 40. My wife and I have just welcomed in yet another baby girl, born on the 2nd Feb 07 bringing the total to three daughters. So my wife says to me go and buy yourself a bike and get some boy time.

    After looking around, I finally purchased a Honda NT650 Bros Vtwin with only 25K's. A nice tidy naked with a nice after market exhaust giving it a nice note.

    I have had my open licence for over 10 yrs and have finally decided to upgrade from my 85 xt250 chook chaser. All that it is fit for now. lol

    Hoping to meet up with more members in Brisbane.

  2. welcome fabes!

    all the good riders spent time on an XT chook chaser ;)
  3. hey... welcome to the nut house!!!! if you get a chance on fridays we tend to congregate at Coffee Club in milton.... i see kezz has given you our link.

    Hope to seee you soon.
  4. Hi there Fabes, welcome to NR. :)
  5. Hey there Fabes...I Feel I've met you before :?

    Welcome to Netrider.

    Hope you can come on Sunday 25th
  6. I've ridden a mate's old US market Honda Hawk a few times, I think it's the same as a Bros ( Revere motor, S/S swingarm, chain drive, naked, nice note indeed, they sound great! )
    Nice bike I say, any pics?
  7. Welcome to NR Fabes and congratulations on the new bub to by the way :wink:
  8. [​IMG]

    So you had to wait 40yrs to get permission eh! Better late than never. [​IMG]

  9. yeah, welcome to Netrider, and the joys of riding bigger bikes :).
  10. Thanx to all

    I would like to thank every body for replies and look forward to catching up at the coffee club sometime.
  11. Ha ha... I was thinking how his wife must have been thinking "enough... get out of my way... get a bike or something!"

    Were you being a pain, Fabes? Could that have been your strategy? :wink:

    Congrats on both accounts :)