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Hello From Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NickVT400, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. Hell All,

    My Name is Nick ,
    Late Bloomer ( No it's not a mid life crisis thing :) ) ...
    Learning to ride and Spending Hrs on the Net trying to work out what bike and Riding Gear to Buy.
    All the common questions.
    I know It has to be a cruiser ... I am 6'4" and not skinny... (Very Solid) and every shop tells me not to get a 250cc.

    These forums have been very helpful so i had to sign up just so i can post that
    "These forums are great !!!"

    Regards Nick from Brissy
  2. Welcome Nick, you chose a good day to join, new forum software and all!
  3. Hi! I AMA qlder as well... I think mine may have been a midlife crisis ?! Anyway I haven't looked back and love it!!! Welcome
  4. Welcome! No excuses here, serious midlife stuff and loving it!
  5. Thanks all,
    Now which LAMS Cruiser has the most Chrome ?

    LOL :)
  6. Quick Update,
    Just Passed my Q-RIde in QLD which means as soon as the Transport Office opens tmoz I can get my licence and go test drive all the LAM cruisers and Buy One !!!

    So Excited...
    Bike, Gloves , Jacket and Helmet .. woohoo its shopping time...
    Yes and I will not forget to get insurance :)

    1 Year and 1 day until I can get my Full Licence..
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  7. CONGRATS!!!!!!

    I do mine Friday (y)
  8. G'day Nick and welcome. Well done on passing the Q-Ride.
  9. Thanks Mate,
    When to the department of transport This morning and now I am a legal Bike rider.

    (Do not lose that piece of paper :) Lol in QLD they send new a new licence every time something changes so this will be my third in 2 months :) )

    Ofcourse it rained all day so limited bike shopping today..
    But I did purchase Jacket Gloves and Helmet...
  10. Jacket gloves and helmet is good. How's the bike hunting going?
  11. Stressful, they won't let me buy want i want (dealers) apparently i will die riding a 250 cruiser I must buy a 650cc cruiser LOL and of course they want me to buy a new bike cause its better :)
    Never riden a bike before Q-ride and they want me to spend 10K on a new Cruiser (Lams) that I will give back to them in 12 months with a 2K out of pocket....

    Tall , Not Rich Newbie that wants a cruiser LOL...

    Those AUSPOST Bikes go for 1,100 AUD $ LOL paint one Black and chrome it up what you think ?

    Back out hunting today I am not giving up...
    There must be a bike out there form me I know it :)
  12. Ha! I hear you! My first bike buying experience turned in to all out war between my finance guy (who is a bike rider), two dealers who supposedly worked for the same company and a third dealer who wanted in on the action. When I then went to pay a deposit at one of their other dealers they wanted to tell me what I should have done as well!!!!!!
    Thankfully after all that I love my bike!!!!
    I know it is just a starter for me though :)
  13. Don't buy a new one unless you really want it and propose to keep it for a long time. From what you're saying, you're likely to want to trade up after your LAMS period. Go for a second-hand cruiser and trade up whenever. You'll still be out of pocket, but not as much.

    There's plenty of second-hand bikes out there.
  14. Mate - my advice is when you buy to make sure it's something that will sell easily. (new or second hand). Last thing you want is to have money tied up in a bike you cannot sell when you want to upgrade. That might mean buying something slightly more exy for the ease of selling faster later.
  15. Welcome Nick. How did the bike hunting go?
  16. Welcome aboard! Good luck on the bike hunting. It's a lot of fun searching for a bike. Enjoy it, because as soon as you get one, you'll start second guessing your decision and looking around at other bikes. ;)
  17. Rain stopped this arvo so I went bike shopping again

    Seems the LAMS market is inflated due to high demand, captive market ...
    250cc is prob too small for me and 650cc is too scary for now...

    I can get a Korean 2014 650cc Cruiser for 6990 AUD Ride away but very hesitant :(

    Looks like I will try out a few Honda VT400 Cruisers... seems they are the best compromise for size performance and price.. Yamaha 650cc too expensive for a Newbie :(

    Now to get the price down to 5K-6k and I will be happy....

    My Biggest decision now is Floorboards ? Yes or NO I have very large feet lol :)
  18. Bike shopping completed.. Put down deposit ob VT400
    should pick it up early next week

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  19. Congrats! - this is going to be the longest weekend in your life - bet you notice more bikes around you this weekend than before! post a pic when your on your VT400.
  20. Welcome to NR mate.
    Good choice on the bike, I originally wanted one of them till I tried some cruisers and found out I'm more of a sports rider.