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Hello from Brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SullyMartin, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Hi

    I have been riding a scooter for a few years and sick of it. I want a automatic motorbike but they only have CF Motor and hugh one like 600 up.

    Went to a Honda dealer on Saturday and they told me that it is easy to learn manual. I love riding scooters and I would like to upgrade but could not be bothered changing gears. To me its like a car, if you live in the city you have an automatic unless your under 35. Well I am nearly 60 and don't see why I should stop riding because of my age but can definetely see the logic in automatic.

    I can't even get a V5 in Queensland to test been trying for 3 weeks. Honda said they are crap but they are not riding it. If it feels good to me then I would just buy it but without trying it is crazy.

    I have read everything I can and do not see any good brands bringing them out. Buy the time they do I'll probably be 70 and I don't think my husband will agree.

    That's my story
  2. Welcome!

    I regularly ride with several guys in their 70s and one in his 80s who comes along now and then. All are quite capable of handling their bikes (all 650 and up manual machines) on the open road, so I see no reason to stop riding if you don't want to.

    As for automatic bikes: http://motorcycles.honda.com.au/Touring/CTX700/D
  3. Hi and welcome, Sully.

    Yeah, the choice of automatic motorbikes is a bit limited.

    I kinda fancied at least trying the big Honda VFR1200, but when I sat on it, I wasn't comfy and it was really too big and heavy for me.

    When you are riding the scooter, do you ride with your feet fairly well forward?

    Reason I ask is that there are likely to be one or two second hand Honda DN-01s floating about for sale. They were a V-twin, 700cc automatic, kind of half way between a maxi scooter and a motorbike. I would have test ridden one, except the feet being too far forward, bugger it for me and my stuffed back.

    They ended up going for about 10 grand from Honda dealers, 'cos they weren't too popular, and I have to admit, they do look pretty weird, but maybe a second hand one of them might suit you.

    Yes, the DN-01 is quite heavy, but the weight is all fairly low down, and it isn't as bad as some of the maxi scoots that are over a quarter of a tonne.

    Under 60?

    Are you hot?
  4. you can also check the Suzuki Burgman, they do 250,400 and 650, oh yeah, welcome to NR :) and good luck with your search
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    I agree,
    the DN-01 is pretty wild looking, however it is very under-rated, low seat height, big foot boards, and AUTO. I scraped the foot boards the first corner when I rode a friends(cruiser geometry) and auto is peculiar, ie; roll off the throttle and it idles regardless of the speed. But if its auto you want, its a good option, better than a scooter IMHO.
    otherwise maybe:
    piaggio Mp3 or 4 (three wheels that lean and some cool features)
    FJR1300 I think?
    CanAm spyder ?
  6. Hello and welcome :)
    Do they bring the dual clutch version of the Honda NC700 to Australia?
    One of those models is styled as a bike and there is a paddle shift dual clutch version as far as I know.
  7. I read a great review of it, but not sure if it's coming to Aus.

    clutches are over rated anyway, they are really only useful for wheelstands and burnouts.IMHO
  8. Welcome Sully...

    It's not hard to learn to ride a manual... you will love your riding experience even more. Try and give it a go :)
  9. welcome!
  10. Thanks Guys I also see no reason why I would have to stop. Yes I ride with my feet forward hence I like cruisers.

    Am I hot ................. you'd have to ask my 35 year old husband !!
  11. Sully, have a look at the MaxSym 400 ie. I think you'd like it. I sat on one this morning, and it's got rave reviews.
  12. cougar alert
    you must be hot as ...
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  13. Grammar is important here Phil. He's either a 35 year old husband, or a 35 year, old, husband. :)
  14. lol yeah good point

    either way she is a cougar or is probbaly wanting to be one

  15. LOL@^^

    Welcome to the jungle.
  17. First, go introduce yourself in the welcome forum.
    Second, what the tits are you talking about?
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