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Hello from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Julz123, May 10, 2015.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    Firstly what an awesome site!

    I'm based on the bayside, just south of Brisbane and decided to go for a bike licence. I had my first lesson last week and did very well. I've never ridden before so was a tad apprehensive but excited nonetheless and did far better than my expectations. This Thursday's lesson is changing gears, and I'm guessing that to be somewhat challenging.

    One thing I struggled with was keeping a constant speed on the throttle when going slow and going around corners. I seem to either over rev the throttle, or have not enough revs and end up playing with the clutch too much. By the end of the lesson I got the knack of it, but geez that throttle gave me such a headache to control smoothly!

    I'm learning on a Honda CB125 which looks and sounds like its had a hard life.

    I don't own a bike, but I am considering getting a cheap bike say a 2010+ Honda CBR125 so I can practice my stops/starts/slow speeds in my backyard.

    Just feel whilst my 1 on 1 lessons are great, I feel I also need to practice at home as well to refine my technique.

    Is there a group in Brisbane where learners get together in a secluded area and get pointers from fellow experienced riders?

    Sorry for the long intro!

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  2. Howdy Julz & Welcome to NR! The Honda 125s are almost a stablemate when it comes to learning.. I think 90% of all places you learn on have them these days.

    Bumblebeeman1150Bumblebeeman1150 would be your go to person for tutoring / one on ones.

    I'm not sure if a weekend practice session runs in Brisbane however i'm sure someone on here can assist you with that :)

    Keep practising & enjoying yourself!!

  3. Thanks JayteeJaytee :] My course consists of 2 x 2hr 1 on 1 lessons and then the Q-Ride assessment which is roughly 7 hours - aye carumba. First lesson was successful and hope that I can carry that to the next lesson, and then the Q-ride assessment so I can practice in my street which is a circuit funnily enough >:O I could just ride round and round whilst annoying my neighbours for a bit >:O
  4. Sounds like fun :p Good luck with the Q-Ride assessment.. sounds like a long (but rewarding) day.

    I would consider having a look at some other options besides the 125 you're learning on as well. Don't restrict yourself to a particular engine size but rather see what bike suits you as a person and what feels right beneath you.

    There are a large number of bikes in the 250+ CC range that would be a good starting point. Perhaps visit a few dealers and sit on some bikes to see how you feel on them. The Ninja is a very popular L bike these days and comes in a few variants.

    Are you looking at a race styled bike, a naked or cruiser theme?

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  5. Hey Julz123, welcome to the site and hopefully you will get through your L's before you know it.
  6. G'day and welcome to NR, Julz. Good on you for having one-on-one rider lessons - less likely that you'll develop bad habits later if you learn everything right the first time. A combination of lessons and consolidating that with independent riding is ideal.

    As Jaytee has said, and while the Honda CB125 is a good bike to learn on, considering some of the other LAMS model motorcycles is a good idea too.

    There are quite a few that are very new rider-friendly and that will provide you with a good experience beyond the novice stage (and venturing out beyond the metropolitan area on open roads) including the Kawasaki Ninja models.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. JayteeJaytee XJ6NXJ6N - I see the Ninja's seem to be quite popular. Two of my friends have Ninja's - a 250 and 300ABS. I wanted something other than a Ninja just to be different haha, but they seem such a great bike. Not entirely sure what style I'd like to get after getting my P's, but I must admit the Vulcan S looks nice, just out of my price range though :(

    Duke at EeeDuke at Eee Thanks for your support :)

    JeffcoJeffco Cheers :) Hoping to gain a wealth of knowledge on NR
  9. Welcome to NR...

    All the best..
  10. Welcome Julz. Another Brissie rider joins the flock!
    I reckon you'll outgrow the 125 really quickly so give a few other bigger bikes a go, if only to whet the appetite and keep you motivated through some of the inevitable 'off' days while you're learning the basics!
  11. Thanks Lazy Libran & XMan :D Yep, been doing some thinking today and will go for at least a 250 and decide in 12 months what I'd ideally want :)
  12. Hi. If you need a hand after you've got your license, message me. Sounds like you're on the bayside too so it should be easy enough. Stick with your instructor lessons to get the all important piece of paper but there will be road craft development to build up after that, once you're out on the road. Maybe I can help you with that if you'd like.
    Cheers, BBM
  13. Thanks for such a generous offer Bumblebeeman1150Bumblebeeman1150 :)
    My lesson this week was changing up and down gears and cornering combined with the stops and takeoffs I had learnt the week before. Did really well :)
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  14. Who are you training with?
  15. If you want something other than a Ninja, try the Honda CBR range. My mate got the 300F. He's pretty happy with it. When I did my Q-Ride with Hart only a month or so ago, we had the Honda 125s. But I bought a CBR500R as my first bike and I am very happy with it. They are still a Lams bike, so not too likely to kill yourself on it if you are comfortable riding, but still enough power for pulling away from lights etc.
  16. I was training with cycleright. I decided to book into HART weekend just gone. Was great fun, great instructor and passed! I nearly shat myself when the instructor told me to lead the group onto the M1. omfg. Merging with a 125.. what an experience, lucky I'm a light bugger.
  17. Thanks, I'll have a look at the CBR300's. I also did Qride at HART (weekend just gone in fact).
  18. They are pretty good aye? Did you get Doug? If he asked you to lead for the return trip, I took that as meaning he was confident with you, the other two in our class only lead in the suburb bit. I missed a turn off, but that's not to do with my riding ability.

    Once you get a bike, if you want someone just to come riding with you in the evening or something to spend time on the bike, let me know. I just went for a ride into the city after work for something to do. I'm trying to spend heaps of time on the bike to get used to traffic and intersections etc. I'm no expert, but I am sure your head is brimming with info from the course, that you just need to keep practicing.
  19. I didnt post where I was training in my first thread but your experience mirrors mine exactly. I've booked into HART after doing some research here and found this thread in my search. The cycleright trainers are fine but I guess everyone has a different style to learning and I'm fairly technical and detailed. The problem there really is that the training is very open ended with a pace that seems slow compared to other courses. May suit some but its not really what I envisioned when I signed on. It was just that it was convenient in location but I think I have done the right thing by switching, which is what my first thread was about.

    Thanks for relating your experience.
  20. I completely support the previous suggestions re bike choice. The 400 / 500 cc LAMS options mean you'll have a bike that will keep you happy for much longer, and allow you to experience a range of different types of riding in relative ease / comfort ... and hence, with more enjoyment. That means you'll have a really good idea what style of riding you enjoy most (touring / adventure / cruising / twisties / coffee runs ...) and the type of bike you want to progress to eventually. Perhaps more expensive initially, but potentially cheaper in the long run and definitely a better platform for learning and gaining experience.

    Being on the Bayside, you have a fantastic training / practice area down through Mt Cotton and Redlands.
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