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Hello from Brisbane!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Joleda, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    I am a 25 (almost 26) year old Female from Brisbane. On my open bike licence but still kicking around on my 2012 Ninja 250 and I love the fact that I can outride it but... my partner and I finally got a loan to get bigger better bikes! yay.

    I dont know if this is where I am meant to post so sorry if its in the wrong spot!:oops:

    I am 5ft5 and around 57kg, this information will come in handy soon!

    I have been scouring the site for years now getting information from you all and finally decided to sign up because I have a question that doesn't seem to be covered by previous thread's.

    We are going bike shopping tomorrow, and I have gone from only wanting to test ride a gixxer 600, duc monster and 883 superlow to wanting to testride everything and have a good pick of what I want.. here comes the question... I heart hayabusa's.

    Before anyone tells me that Im too small and light and what happens if i drop it bla bla, I cant even pick up my ninja, so either way someone else will be picking up any bike I ride if i drop it hehe ;)

    It will be my main squeeze of travel, I travel a 90km round trip every day to work and home, and its 80% highway 15% 80/60km zones and 5% Brisbane CBD where I work. I also love going on rides out west with my partner to the scenic rim etc.

    I am not crazy, and dont plan on trying to prove myself to the big boys or anything like that, so Im not going to take off like a rocket into a quick kerbside (or bonnetside) grave. I just want a bike with a lower seat height that I can keep for years and years and not grow tired of and not break my back in a super aggressive riding position.

    I will of course slowly gain experience on my next bike like I did with my ninja and get more confident as I go along. I am a very confident rider on my ninja and constantly push it to all its limits and mine (noone elses). I daresay I wont be lanesplitting straight off the bat on the new one :(

    I'm interested to know if ladies or smaller framed men are riding the big beasts around and their experience with them. To me I dont see a difference between a smaller person riding a busa and a big cruiser weight wise but thats just me and I dont know a hell of a lot when it comes to these things...

    Thanks in advance and please dont be nasty and ruin my first motorbike forum experience :love:
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    Glad you made the decision to sign up.

    Good question. Not sure you will get the right answer or not but you are sure to get a lot of opinions.......

    IMO if it is going to be your only form of transport and you have a 90k commute every day these are more important considerations to take into account for bike choice. Suspect pure sports bikes might get a bit wearing to use every day.

    You have answered the weight and height questions so that's a start but to get good choices I think we need an idea of budget. No point in recommending bikes that are $15k if the budget is $10 k. Plus if you are getting a loan to buy it then servicing costs might be an issue. Ie the cost of running a 600 Jap bike v's running a 600 Italian

    The best advice you will get is ride them all and buy the one you fall in love with, after all it is your bike.

    Keep us posted.

    Cheers Jeremy

    PS you posted a photo so that may save you from the "Are you hot" question.
  3. I'll be buying used, around 10k with trade in of ninja. Have a corolla and a v8 commodore still as cars so if its storming away or im tired ill still have a car to take. Wanting to do our own servicing and only take to shop for major services or repairs.we only got the loan because we are buying 2 bikes. (his and hers essentially)
    Thanks for the reply :)

    Oh I just saw the ps. Haha yeah I get that alot on online gaming! :)
  4. Ok well any of the Jap 600ish bikes will fit that and serve you well. You could go up to a 1000 bike on that budget but do you need to is the question?

    Understand what you mean about small frame, there are a whole lot of bikes I would have considered but seat height ruled them out for me.

    2nd hand you should also be able to consider some of the Italians if you want to do something different. Would also recommend having a look at a Street Triple in that price range.

    Happy shopping.

    Cheers Jeremy

    @87crisis will be along soon enough......
  5. Definitely test riding the street and speed triples and the monster. But I'm still tempted by the looks of the busa and the zx-14 also - I sat on one last year and felt right at home. There is always need for a thou lol. We live 15 mins from qld raceway!!
  6. Then ride them all and buy the one you like the best bing a bike should be a heart not a head decision.

    Cheers Jeremy
  7. *throws gang signs* sup blood

    Sif jump ship ! Get a 636 ninja ! Or if you must go the gixxer the new 750's are sexy as fcuk

    As said photo was posted so the almighty question has been answered
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  8. That's what I want to do, was just hoping for some smaller people that have ridden the bigger ones to advise if they found any trouble, last thing I want is to buy a busa or zx and constantly have issues because of height and weight etc.

    Lol at 87 crisis - remember there is a difference between guy sexy and lady sexy haha - im willing to try all but some bikes are very muscle looking, preferably id like to be a blur of elegance!
  9. Go test it out ? 9.5k and 15 thou on the clock...has oggy knobs by the looks of it


    Ugh that link isn't working for me - black ninja zx6 for sale by teammoto Gold Coast on eBay
  10. Hmmmm, dealer only for me, I know it limits my options but I've been burned private in the past.:shifty:

    never mind it is a dealer ha! sorry

    830mm seat height scares me. Are you trying to keep me on the kawa wagon crisis? :X3:
  11. Only any issue if you stop!!!!

    In all honesty if you get the right bike you get used to the height and where to stop to put the correct leg down dependent on the slope of the road etc. I have to shift one way or the other to do anything other than tip toe on my girl. They will lean further than you think and still take of straight

    Seat width makes a huge difference to, the wider the seat the less leg length you have to get a foot on the ground.
  12. Argh, I am just so used to flat footing on the ninja, I was keenly looking for shorter bikes this time around, I mean... we only shrink as we get older right!? :LOL:
    In all honesty the only other kawa i like is the zx-14, if I got a 600 or thou supersports it would be a gixxer for sure.
  13. Totes Tryna keep you on the kwakka wagon - only reason I'd jump ship would be for a rvf400/new gixxer 750/maybe a Daytona
  14. Partner is looking at Daytona - I sat on it and got straight back off!
    Brand new isn't in the budget, but the gixxers seem to have the best seat height out of the supers. If partner is set on Daytona and I got a 1300 or 1400 would I leave him behind? or only in a straight line?
  15. If your concerned about weight - do you really want to step up that far ?

    What about the old zx9/cbr900's ? Sure I'd get it properly checked out by mechanic before purchase as I am talking about a bike that's more than ten years old but the seat positioning and height to memory should be a fair bit lower - I ride a zxr which is the tiny baby of these bikes and you are forced into a forward sport riding position but the seat is low and seems to me at least to provide a better control of the weight - upside down forks are a pain to get used to initially but are a dream once you do

    Not suggesting you must do this but maybe it's something to consider - it will be cheaper and allow you hopefully some change from the money allocated to upgrade some components (like suspension - lowering)

    I suggest the 900's as a middle ground as the 1400's - if you get one as master it your more of a man than ill ever be ...but with the 600's I myself was speaking recently and a friend has convinced me (which is hard) that I will love the power of a 600 but will quickly grow tired and be looking for more power so better to go a bigger bike straight up - but that's entirely upto the individual as well
  16. I'm only concerned about weight if there is a general consensus that they really just are to heavy for my size. Otherwise I'm not that worried as I don't plan on hulking out and throwing it at someone :rolleyes: (Until I turn into pink hulk)
    I am a bit of a snob in the sense that I want a 2007 and newer bike, My main reason is that I don't want to upgrade for years and years, hence heading straight for the big guns - I tend to get very attached to things and give myself brain bleeds if I want to change or sell or trade them. (i've been considering selling my car for 2 years and always change my mind at the last minute)
    I also want a bike to keep for a while as when I have babies I still want to get on it for enjoyment purposes on the weekends (since we cant attach babies to us and ride around like in malaysia etc) o_O
    The supersport thous and 600's I will only get if I really do fall in complete love with them - I am very conscious of seating position as I don't have a fabulous back, or bones for that matter and dont want to end up hating the bike because it hurts me every time i ride it... they deserve better than that!
  17. Eh nothing snobby about it - I'm very much the opposite that regard and have been working backwards since my first bike....currently loving life on a 1989 weapon - they don't make em like they used to haha

    But yes - I had 5 bikes residing in my driveway at one point - it's addictive and so hard to give them up - downsized to my zxr and my zzr

    Look either way - best of luck mate and hopefully someone can chime in and help you abit more ...keep us posted on what you and your man get
  18. Will do for sure - thanks for the input and reading my walls of text!
  19. Sell your car and buy the 2014 Honda CBR600f when it drops next year. Best riding position ever and Honda reliability. Just sayin'.

    Also yes tell your partner to get a Daytona. It always turns heads and makes me chuckle every time I twist my wrist.
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  20. In my opinion , height and weight dont matter if you want to ride busa.
    Too high ? drop front fork a few inches. Bike too heavy ? replace with after market stuff.
    It doesnt mean the bike doesnt suit you but at the first time to ride it , you might feel uncomfortable until you adjust something either youself or the bike.
    I rode 2005 busa in Bangkok before.
    Yes , it was difficult to swerve through the traffic jam .
    No , its not something impossible if you want to take it commuting in a crowded town.
    I found myself feeling uncomfortable on busa that time so I took honda vf750 intead. There was no road to go for full speed in BKK so it didnt matter .