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Hello From Bimmerfan

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bimmerfan, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Long time listener, first time poster.

    been stalking these forums for a little while now, on a recommendation from a very well known member but am now a member myself. I currently work with BMW in sales. Please if you have a question or an issue message me, don't start a debate thread.


  2. ok then
    i have quite a few issues
  3. Message me.
  4. I don't think you can help Phil, his issues are, well, different :)
  5. Phil just doesn't have issues
    He has the entire subscription
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  6. hmmm ok. Well any questions about beemer's send my way. I'm more than happy to help, just ask Raven!
  7. Why out yourself as a BMW employee, but then insist we don't start threads about them?
    Welcome anyway, I guess...
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  8. by all means start a thread. If you have an issue though message me first. Kinda like when you buy something off ebay, "message me if you have a problem before you give negative feedback"
  9. Yes we got who you were talking about. Haven't seen that many BMWs on here but I'm sure they will pop up. Had a long look at a G650GS myself the other day
  10. I'm on here because Raven told me about it. I met raven through a friend who I met from another forum. On this other forum I have had a few people ask about BMW's (some even bought one) so that's why I said I was from BMW.

    I'm not here on any other agenda. Just to make friends (I'm new to Victoria) and possibly help some people out with some bikes if they want. I do the cars as well.

    I just thought It would be nice to know someone at a dealership who could help you if you wanted to get into the BMW world.
  11. do you know jason? bugger wouldnt give me a cap at the moto gp oh and hi
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    Welcome to NR Bim! (y) Hope you don't thing we're all jerks or anything.. :confused: good to see someone on here willing to help the peeps that own a beemer bike

    (I kinda skimmed thru the posts after yours.. t'is a bit too early in the AM for agro - and it's Monday :eek:)

    These smilies are funny... :whistle:

    carry on
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    i just learned BMW are expecting issues with their bikes....

    i hope you can claim the depreciation Raven.

    lol as you're a newbie i better not start by giving you shit or you may take it personally lol

    welcome to NR, I'm sure you'll get a few questions on the beamers... like what's your best price on an S1000RR? lol but largely there will still be debate on the forums even regarding beamers cause we never let facts get in the way of a good opinion.

    you'll quickly get the swing of things and THEN we can give you crap.... say, this arvo?
  14. Geez Raven you've sure gone in to bat for this guy, he's a salesman he will survive. The NR baptism of fire, we've all faced it at one time or another. Anyway good luck Mr BMW fan, lets hope you settle in, impart some brand wisdom to those with an interest in your product.
    What are you riding by the way? Floor stock or something of your own?
    Assuming you haven't taken Ravens advice and shot through, what do you think of the G650GS as a Lams bike and why?
  15. I ride my own S1000RR, after 4years and 52,000kms on a GSXR600. But I am spoilt sometimes and take home our demo's, usually to scrub in the tyres when we first register them.

    The G650GS is a great bike, good engine and comes with Switchable ABS and heated hand-grips as standard. Also being a Lams bike, majority of people upgrade when they can so having a good resale value is important. Also having a 2 year warranty and 2 years Roadside assist it has good back up too.
  16. Welcome, bimmerfan. The S1000RR is one of the most desirable bikes ever made, and it's on my hallowed shortlist.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here.
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  17. shame about the headlights.
  18. Oh, I dunno - my son and I got a good look at them last night when the rider stalled at the lights :D
    But we agreed that asymmetry is cool on a bike, and we like them - one of those
    "personal taste" things I guess, since you're not alone in disliking it...
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  19. i reckon the lights are cool, just like how the side fairings have different openings on either side :)
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  20. Welcome to Netrider, @bimmerfan

    Please ignore the previous hazing that was in here from the schoolboy bullies that are still giggling over Dad's playboy mag's behind the shelter shed. Just in life, they rear they're unwelcome heads in Netrider sometimes too. We'll deal with them :jimlad:

    Look forward to your comments on the Bimmer's - would love to get some ride reviews from you on here too when the new models come out :)
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