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Hello from Bilgola

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cb600, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Hello.

    I've been riding just for 2 years. I commute from Bilgola on Sydney's nothern beaches to the CBD and have done for 15 years; 13 in a Car and it was amazingly frustrating. Then one year I went to Bali and got hooked on riding the scooters around and through the traffic there;and magically someone put in Bus Lanes all the way from Newport to the CBD.

    Havent looked back since - I ride 400kms + a week on a CB600F Hornet and LOVE IT !
  2. Welcome cb600. Yes, bus lanes are wonderful. I commute Killara to Bondi Junction and the bike is the way to go, unless it is heavy rain like yesterday (yes I am a fair weather biker mostly). Filtering will be even better when it comes in although the lanes are so narrow as to make that a juggling act even without the inevitable jealous cager who decides to move to the edge of his lane.

    Have fun.
  3. Welcome, there's been a few N Beaches riders popping up recently, some of us ride together semi regularly - you're welcome to join us - the more the merrier.
  4. Thanks guys - I'll look out for any rides, really enjoy going up to Wollembi on a weekend and Putty Road is on my list.
  5. Welcome along. Maybe we'll meet on the next group ride.
    Putty is on my list too
  6. Time for a Putty run methinks.
  7. Welcome to the nuthouse cb600

    +1 for Putty run :)
  8. Think I'm going to need a weekday for that spin
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  9. It's a full days ride (with breaks) and is better during the week with less traffic and opportunity for inexperienced plums coming head on to you in a corner when they run out of skill.
  10. You'll have to get off the island pretty early.
    I would like to be a different stone fruit when I get there... maybe a peach.
  11. Let's assume I made a "nice pear/pair" joke and move on shall we?
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  12. Welcome cb600. Enjoy!
  13. welcome mate :]
  14. Thanks guys.

    That KTM looks pretty sweet GeorgeO.
  15. I agree, but then I'm biased!