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Hello from Belgave,Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by monkeymich, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Glad to be a part of the netrider community.As a noobie lplater it can be a very lonley place :( Once I get my bike back from the repair shop(rearended at a round-a-bout) I look forward to another lplate ride as I missed the one on june 10th.I look out on to Belgrave-Hallam from my front veranda with envy as i sit and wait..Think of me as you pass by.

  2. oh and another thing

    I neglecteed to mention I love the twisties and long rides. I have done a few to Healsville on my own and am keen to go for a bit of an excursion.I dont mind riding in the rain,or at night.I can even handle the freeways with big gusts of wind.Up for any challenge.
  3. Hey monkeymich :newb: welcome to netrider... you'll probably find lots of rides to go on when you get your bike back... sorry to hear about the rearend, runabouts can be interesting on a bike :shock:
  4. Welcome monkeymich!

    Well you're living in the right area if you like twisties, some nice roads at your doorstep!
    Once you've got your bike back, hope to see you out on some rides :grin:
  5. welcome
    next time i go off on a newbie ride i will let you know :grin:
    oh yer watch out for things behide you
  6. Welcome along to NR.. Not a great start to riding for you, but lets hope its all up hill from here for you.. :grin:
  7. starting off waiting to continue

    Not a good start to my riding waiting to continue.Grrrr must post forum under hyosung parts about slow boat from South Korea.I feel so left out as I keep missing these awesome events.Trying to get AAMI to pay for replacement motorcycle.Would be nice to know what it is like to ride another bike type other then hyo
  8. howdee,,,having some probs with the insurance company?
  9. Welcome Monkeymich
  10. Howdy,

    And welcome, check the rides theres Always coffee on most nights.

    See you round
  11. thanks for the welcome

    thanks to all who have stopped in and said hello.will try and get to a few coffee nights.I really need to get out more
  12. Re: thanks for the welcome

    tues coffee night @ Boronia - click here

    always happy to see a new face :)
  13. once i finally get my bike i'll be there. I should just walk down there as i'm only 2 minutes away there.
  14. caffiene is good

    mmmm coffee.Must try and work my family timetable to be there thanks for the invite :p
  15. I started my bike riding life in belgrave on the very road you live on (but before the hallam vs emerald roundabout).

    It would be hard to find a better patch of godzone to start riding a bike on.

    All the best mate...
  16. :grin: :grin: :grin: Godzone I like.Yes I like the roads here still a little newbie in trusting the lean.Chicken strips still visible.Working on that> By the way DirtyTrix welcome back :cool:
  17. Welcome, Live just up the road from you, Know how fun that road is. And I really must try to get down to the boronia coffee now I'm not working tuesdays.
  18. [​IMG]

    Great to see you got up, dusted yourself off and are raring to get out there again. Great stuff! And yes, definitely come on a ride with us.
  19. We usually ride around belgrave up to emerald most weekends when we want to get out. Great roads. Love the twisties. Bad luck about the bike tho. You need an insurer that will look after bikers.
  20. bike is back

    Well the bike is back! I must be keen as I have been riding in the rain to commute to work, but I have been so ready to get on I dont care that my fingers are freezing and my so called water proof pants are not as repellent as I would like to think.I also thought I was going to be very clumsy and timid but I finally have seemed to get the counter steering thing :grin:
    On the Insurance thing I am with Swann and they seem ok.It was just the other guys insurance who were not so keen on getting a replacement bike(AAMI) My partner had to get aletter from work (from his manager) stating he needed to get to work as he had crucial appointments. We also had to point out that our petrol consumption had increased as we had to drive to and from his work, or I had to drop him at the station. We also stated how we had to drive my son to commitments etc....They day they rang to say O.K. we will pay is the day I got my bike back :roll: Cant wait for the sunshine!! \:D/