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Hello from Auckland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ConfigT, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. Hi all, I'm a kiwi (new zealander not the fruit)

    I've been riding for about 4 years and my current bike is a GSX-R600. My riding includes commuting, trackdays, and interesting roads on weekends.

    Anyway a few riding buddies and I are planning a trip to the Phillip Island GP in October and we'll have a few extra days after the race to do some riding around VIC.

    The plan is to stay on the island for the 3 days that the GP is on and then head back to Melbourne to hire some bikes. So far we've only got Great Ocean Road planned because we don't really know of any other good roads yet. If anyone would like to suggest an awesome 1-2 day ride for us that would be cool.

    I've never been to Australia before so really looking forward to it!
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  2. Welcome, plenty of Vics on here to guide you. I love the high country myself and always make Lake Eildon an overnight stop.
  3. G'day ConfigT, welcome to NR. Sounds like a great motorcycling trip ahead for you.

    I'd second Mcsenna's suggest of visiting the Victorian high country, perhaps across the Great Alpine Road through Mt Hotham and on to Bairnsdale.
  4. In two days you probably won't have time to do the Great Alpine Road (GAR) and the Great Ocean Road (GOR)

    For Day 1 the GOR I would suggest MAP
    It does the East side of the bay, Arthurs seat which is a nice windy climb, the ferry across to Queenscliff ($35 about an hour to cross) the GOR to Lavers Hill and then back by Temperate rain forest, Turton's track back on to the GOR and then back to Melbourne. The last section back to Melbourne is boring highway, heavily patrolled, fixed speed cameras etc so take that part easy.

    Regarding bike rental http://www.garnersmotorcycles.com.au/ is about the major player in town. I am also told BMW does a rental service if you are interested in Beemers. I would suggest you book your bikes early MotoGP time is obviously a busy one for them.

    I will have a think about your day 2, if you can stretch to a third day there are greater options available to you.
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  5. That GOR route looks really good for a full days riding.

    The Garners hire place seems to have reasonable rate and includes insurance etc which will make things easier.
    I'll try to book one of their bikes for 4 days i think but bearing in mind it will take a couple of hours to get back to Melbourne on the Monday morning after the GP plus some time to pickup the bikes so we'll probably end up with just half a day of riding on day 1.

    So maybe that means we should do an overnight ride for days 1-2 and then do GOR on day 3?
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    Ok, perhaps you could drop into Garners on the way from the Airport and do all the paperwork ready for when you pick up the bikes. Speak to them and see what they can do for you.

    On a two day run I would do the GAR staying one night at either the Blue Duck reputedly Victoria most remote pub or the Golden Age hotel in Omeo. Be aware a lot of interest riders will be heading home on those routes so book at the hotels prior.

    Something like THIS MAP this has sweepers, tight corners, Alpine road, a great mix.

    Fixed map, looks like a bug related to maximum waypoint numbers, Ho Hum. Microsoft products :)
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  7. Thanks so much cjvfr, this is awesome info!
  8. Welcome to NR...
  9. Welcome to the forum mate. Lots of good advice to be found here.

    Just don't start asking about the pro's and con's of ABS or the sound of a Yoshi on a Ninja 300 and you'll be quite safe on here!
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  10. welcome aboard :]
  11. How about lane splitting and registration fees?

  12. Quite safe to talk about them without making too many enemies! Just joking - as long as you don't take everything on here too seriously you should be ok!
  13. Hey ConfigTConfigT welcome.

    Do you do Hampton Downs for your track days? Cracking little circuit. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the bikes there now Mr Quinn has acquired it.
  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  15. I've done a few at Hampton Downs and one at Pukekohe.

    Quinn said that its business as usual and the track will continue to run as normal for now. He's going to finish the 1.2km extension to make the full 3.8km international circuit which will quite interesting though.
  16. Yeah, it should become a great circuit - i just hope he keeps the bikes in mind which he obviously couldn't do at the SI circuit - which is a shame because the positioning and scenery there is stunning.

    Puke's done its dash, but i did have some fun there. If Hampton reaches its full potential it'll be awesome. Wish i'd bought one of the units there off the plan many years ago :(