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Hello from Argy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Young Benn, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Hello, I am young benn & i'm new here. I'm 22, I work full time as a tyre fitter & I live in the little hamlet of Argenton. Got booted from space battles as i didn't know enough about a race from star trek for their liking (according to them that makes me a troll), so I decided to join a forum dedicated to one of my true passions: motorcycles.

    My ride is a brand new Honda CB400abs. It has 4 cylinders, fuel injection, hyperVtec, 39KW of power (a '96 barina city has 36), 39NM of torque, & abs. Bought it as a commuter & to take pressure off my falcon, but fell in love.
  2. Hello young bean, may you sprout into a magnificent rider. joke. welcome :)
  3. Welcome to NR !
  4. Welcome Benn. There are a few members around Newcastle you can probably catch up with.
  5. Welcome youngling(y)
  6. I wouln't mind that, not one bit :netrider:
  7. Hmm. I might just keep this account. this forum is starting to feel different from the others.
    Ijust hope my profile lasts long enough to build my first motorcycle & start a new bike company
  8. Welcome =D

    There needs to be more Newcastle Members...

    NetRider is a Lovely place for people with a sense of humour :sneaky:
  9. You have no idea how pleased I am to hear that. I was shouted down at that forum i mentioned for not taking things seriously (& for not knowing all about the made-up sci fi crap), & I'm banned 'till monday because the moderator didn't like me.:pompous: They take things real serious there. :poop:
    Sorry if I keep bringing this up, I'm still bloody shocked:'(
  10. Don't worry mate you can get banned here too if it's stirs your loins. Welcome and stay alert.
    Nice bike choice too of course.
  11. Thanks Mcsenna. I noticed you have one too
  12. welcome to NR young benn, honda makes a good bike, had a 900 hornet till about 2 or so months back, served me very well, at times I ask myself why did I sell, then a chill wind hits me in melbourne and my ninja keeps me warmer, then realise why :) enjoy and alot of reading on here and alot of tips to help anyone.
  13. Hey mate, welcome to NR. If you start a new bike company you should consider putting it in Canberra..... There's a few people looking for work I hear, but I couldn't vouch for their productivity.
  14. Sorry, but that'll be at least 5-10 years away. I've only got rudimentary & incomplete blueprints at this stage, & since I haven't got the funds or the resources, it's just a dream for the time being. I do intend to build as much parts as I can in Australia, instead of just importing the bikes from china & slapping on my own brand name. But yeah, I will put it in canberra, right after I get a product to push in NSW.

    Anyway, does anyone know how I can delete my profile? I just don't see myself posting another thread, & I want to focus more of my attention on getting this Bike company out of fantasy land.
  15. A tyre fitter...from Argy...should I Ske the question that people from all around the globe are gagging to ask?

    ...do you work at Argy Tyres?

  16. Haha! Nah mate, I work closer to town! Ironically my workplace was once called Argy:D
  17. #17 Young Benn, Sep 13, 2013
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2013
    Anyways, My request to have my profile deleted still stands. Can anybody help me? Once my broadband is out of credit (which'll be next week), I'm throwin' out the modem. I probably should've mentioned this in the introduction, but I intend to move to another city, & that could take up to 6 months. I need to save every cent.
    Also, this site's server doesn't seem to like that modem, as it conks out unexpectedly every hour or so. It only happens to this site. If my request for deletion is denied, then once I log off, it'll probably be 6 months before I log back on.

    I've never been a big fan of forums, or social networking in general, but I thought I'd give them another try. If there's any forum anyone should join, it's this one.
  18. *once I log off this weekend, that is.