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Hello from another noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kc33, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. Hi, totally new to this, just did pre-learner course, never ridden bike before.
    Just gonna use bike to get to work via M5 in Sydney which gets heaps busy in morning and when going home.
    1. Was wondering if kawasaki ninja 250 is a good bike for a noob? Easy to maintain , get spare sparts?
    2. Which dealer in Sydney can I get one from?
    3. How much should i pay for it? say for a 2010 model and up
    4. What to look out for in second hand bikes?
    5. What's the limit on kms before you say you shouldn't get it?


    Total noob

  2. Its a good bike for a noob.
    Any Kwaka dealer, other dealers may have used. Search the usual places.
    Unsure what to pay as I don't track noob bikes, but a look in the usual classifieds will give the answer, whatever the market dictates.
    Lots of things to look out for. Search this forum, it's been all said and done 100 times.
    Up to you. Depreciates as km increase.