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Hello from another newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Daisyhaze, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Hi, thought I should introduce myself, having just discovered this forum.

    I am a 41 year old female (42 in a couple of weeks :eek: ). I have only recently got my L's, and am the very proud owner of a lovely little red postie bike. I am really enjoying buzzing around town on my bike, and stoked that I can get to work and back for a fortnight on around $3 worth of fuel :grin: I chose a postie because I have never ridden before, and thought it would be good to learn on, and it is great, but I am already thinking about getting a 'real' bike :p

    My OH has a BMW K1000 (it is nearly 20 years old, and although he loves it he will be updating very soon). I have been going out with him for three years, and after my initial trepidation (read terror!) I found that I really enjoyed riding on the back of his bike. We often go for short rides on the weekend, and rode to QLD and back last year. Had a great ride last week from my place (Goulburn) to Exeter, through Kangaroo Valley to Nowra, then lunch at Berry, home via Kiama and Robertson, what a great day. Anyway, I am now thinking that i might like to ride my own bike when we go for a ride. (Poor little Clarence the postie has a top speed of around 85kmph downhill with a tailwind, so he is strictly for riding around town).

    I was looking for someplace on the net that I could find out more about bikes before I buy my next one, and here I am :) At the moment I am looking at the Yamaha V Star Custom (650) or the Honda VT750C. I really like the look of the cruisers, but probably wouldn't go for a Harley because of the price tag (and I believe they don't handle too well, please don't crucify me for saying that!). So I will be reading up on what people have to say about these bikes. My OH says I should go for a 250 next... baby steps... but I reckon that I would probably want to go on to something bigger, and I don't want to have to keep trading up but rather buy something that I will be happy with for a long time (OH thinks I should buy second hand, but for once in my life I want to lash out and buy myself a brand new vehicle, and a new bike costs less than a new car :p )

    So, sorry in advance for my ignorance, hopefully here to learn some more and make some new (bike-riding) friends :)
  2. Welcome to NR Daisey :grin:

    And, think I'm in lurve with Clarence! :LOL:

    Great intro! A lot more than some people usually bother with :grin:

    I'm sure you'll find LOADS of helpful info and people here, and don't be shy about asking Q's, but hope you've got a GSOH, fair bit of pisstaking here on NR too :p
  3. Hey Daisy, welcome to NR, great name for ya bike, love it :p . You'll be able to find all the information you'll want to know with the communities vast experience :LOL: .
  4. Hi Daisy,
    Congrats on getting your licence! I only got my L's last August and my licence in November and am having a great time, it's a great 'couple' thing to do. We aren't too far up the road, so next time you are heading up to the Pie Shop let me know and you can have a look at my bike, it's a 650. How tall are you? I know that kinda limited my choice of bikes :p
    Postie bikes seem to be a popular little bike - I see a few around here!
  5. Thanks for the welcome everyone :)

    Hey fran_e, will def let you know next time we are out our way, I love going to the pie shop - half the time I don't even have a pie, just drool over the bikes :LOL:

    I am 5'5", so pretty average height for a girl. As i am looking at cruisers though I should go ok, as I think they are lower to the ground?? Next weekend i am going to Canberra to have a look at the new Honda VT400, can't wait :)