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Hello from an oldie noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by v h l, May 24, 2007.

  1. hello everyone
    After a long lapse, I'm back to 2 wheel riding. Had to start from square one as my licence was never renewed ages ago with family and kids and all that. Got my "L" coupla weeks ago. Still bikeless and looking

  2. Welcome from one old bloke to another! It's still fun I promise, :grin:
  3. Yep, never too old :)

    Welcome to the forums Vince :grin:
  4. Us 'experienced' riders are outnumberd by the 'kids' around here so one more is welcome :LOL:
  5. welcome to the forums from another old noob
  6. welcome to NR, from one old to another, 24 is old isnt it :LOL:
  7. thanks everyone for the welcome. at the moment I'm pedaling a bike to build up strength :) while looking for something suitable. decisions, decisions...
  8. G'Day Vince,

    Mate, did you ever have a full motorcycle license? If you did, you don't have to go through the L plates, or even P plates, as long as VicRoads has a record of the license.

    I was in exactly the same position. Had my full license for a while, but didn't renew as I was a poor student, and using a car at the time. Twenty Six years later, I wanted the license back. All that was required was that I pass the license test again. As I did the test at HART, they insisted that I did prove I could ride before attending the test day, so I had to do the Learner Permit Course and Test. Two days later, I did the License Course and Test, passed, and went straight on to unrestricted license.

    Unfortunately, if you didn't hold a full license in the past, none of the above applies.

    Welcome and good luck anyway.
  9. hi Roderick
    Yes, I did enquire about it. my motorbike license was issued in New Zealand and had I kept it up to date, I would still have to go through the steps L, P... Anyway, after a long time away from 2 wheel, starting from scratch is ok to me. I test rode a VTR250 yesterday and I was scared :shock: for the first 10 minutes, that was the first time on 2 wheel in traffic in 30 years !
    But.. Ducati Monster SR2 and Triumph Bonneville T100 are in the wish list for later. Or may be a maxi scooter with 3 wheels will do eh :grin:
  10. Hmm, I'm surprised that the New Zealand license isn't accepted here, with a direct transfer, or at least just a license test and no restrictions.

    The 250cc restriction would have annoyed me a great deal, and as us oldies know how to be gentle with the throttle, I didn't have a problem jumping straight on to a 1000cc Ducati. :grin: I'm not so gentle any more. :twisted:

    Don't knock those scooters though. I've riden with ScooterHoot a couple of times, and he pushes his 400cc scooter along real well. :cool:

    Go the Ducati. :grin: