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Hello from an older newbie!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Nightowl, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Thought I'd pop in and say hello! Great forum, so much excellent information that's been really helpful over past few weeks, thanks everyone.

    Very long time since I've been on a bike so consider self a total "newbie".

    Picked up bike last week ('02 Yamaha XVS650 v-star classic), got the "L"aughing plates on the w/end and first ride yesterday.

    First stop, Bunnings for a fluro visibility vest to throw over jacket - have had a giggle at comments posted here about cruiser image: bah! will try and stay cool on the inside :cool: while grinning from ear to ear - also had a family member drive as my "wingman" for first time out which worked a treat for the most part.

    Was brilliant, bike handled smoothly and I felt comfortable & in control (as much as a newbie can) ... didn't stop a Sunday tailgater, but what does one do aside from slowing down, maybe wear a sign on back saying: "Drop back 2 car spaces - bike has flatulence"?

    Rainshowers, rail tracks, roundabouts and a couple of major intersections ... really good first ride!

    Do have a question, but will find appropriate section to post it in.

    Sun's shining ... time to practice.

  2. Hahaha! Love it!! :LOL:

    Basically that, or you have some alternatives:

    * pull over and let diccheads go past
    * every time approaching a corner or anything that gives a (tiny) reason, just tap your brake repeatedly (this one really pisses them off and shows you're a total noob ;)
    * go slower
    * use a combination of the above two
  3. Welcome (back) :).
  4. Howdy! Are you going to post a thread to show your bike off?
  5. I'd love to see a photo of your bike.
  6. G'day mate

    Photos please :)
  7. Hi Nightowl and welcome to NR.

    If you are in Willie pop into the Westsider's coffee night (monday night's) and meet a few other NR's.
  8. Welcome. We know exactly how it is to struggle to contain your enjoyment with a grin from ear to ear. Such a pleasure riding isn't it.

    Ride safe
  9. Welcome in mate :)
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and for the great tips lowercase, will put them to good use!

    Haven't taken any pics yet, my phone camera is rubbish, but will post pic I have from prev. owner in the new bike thread ... just noticed he hasn't taken his ad down yet, it is sold though (to me). Previous owner was great, I bought the bike before able to ride it & he rode it to my place which was a wonderful help & took me for a spin: "Can't buy a bike without riding it - even if it is as pillion." And his wife collected him so didn't even have to drive him back home. Wonderful people, great bike, very happy. :)

    Good to know about the Westsider's coffee night, thanks GreyBM, will check out the thread for location & pop in to say hi! when I can.

    Thanks again.