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Hello from an ageing newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nigelh, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. Just joined. Been back into bikes after about a forty year lay off. Started with a 250 cruiser (Chinese cheapo), stayed with that for a year or so then on to a BMW G650-GS. Have now bought a Yamaha MT-07 and loving it. Only had it just over a week so trying to get the K's up for the first service. Don't get out as much as I should and still consider myself a 'learner' (nine months to go on P's) and am what I would term a cautious rider. Looking forward to some good 'chats' on here.

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  2. Welcome to the NR old farts club. We are out numbered but don't let that worry you.
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  3. Hello and welcome from another cautious rider :)
  4. Hello and welcome from another Newbie!
  5. Welcome to NR...

    Bikes are like botox for the skin. The more you ride, the younger you feel.

  6. Welcome. It's a strange feeling, being new and old at the same time.
  7. Welcome to NR. Go out and enjoy that BMW.
  8. Or even the Yammie. Welcome to the forummm