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Hello from Alaska

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Silverado6x6, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I found this forum while doing some research on a future extended vacation to the land of Oz. I'm 54, my kids have grown up and my wife complains too much.

    I am going to be asking a ton of probably weird questions here in the future, I hope to bring my 2009 Yamaha Star XVS 1300 Tourer to your country, I only got back into two wheel a couple of years ago. I drive a concrete mixer in Alaska and have been a heavy equipment mechanic most of my life, also I have traveled almost all of America or what we call the lower 48.

    If all goes to plans I may fly in to Sydney before the end of the year, naturally our season is opposite and I make all my money only during the summer up here.
    The winters are killing me, my bike is sitting behind me in my house and I swear its crying, it only has 1350 miles on it since october of 2009.

    Correct or enlighten me but from I hear your cruiser bikes cost way more than what we pay for here in the states. A reason why I am trying to bring mine there.

    Thats about all in this thread.

    Well thanks and safe riding.
  2. Alaska aye, maybe u shouldnt come here for our summer lol, regarding prices here in Oz, everything is over priced here

    Welcome aboard and ask any weird questions u want, they will be answered :)
  3. Hi Silverado6x6,

    Bumped into some fellow countrymen of yours (Alaska) at an airfield outside of central Melbourne, Australia ~3mths ago.
    Same idea as yours, only that they shipped down 2 Bell Jetranger Turbine Helicopters to Sydney, then flew them around the entire Oz continent for their 'summer' break. Respect.

    Used to visit Alaska (Anchorage) on work trips, both in summer (love 'daylight' evenings in summer (y)) and winter (damn, it's cold !!!). I remember walking down the main street of Anchorage, very unprepared, with ambient temps of ~ -15deg C. Apart from almost inadvertently (badly) skiing on the icy-covered roads, I realised how little exposure to this cold I'd had previously...zilch ! Whereas -15 deg C for you guys is t-shirt/shorts weather :)

    There are many cruiser riders within Netrider who will be able to answer your question/s. Enjoy the forum and welcome aboard mate.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, I post on several Yamaha and Honda forums up here, we have one Aussie called "Dunc" over at the Yamaha Motorcycle Forums, gives us news and advice. More than likely I may find my first trip to your country in your winter easier, yes I am acclimated to cold temps, sorry if I use F for temps but anything over 80F is murder on me but I can indeed work without a jacket in temps just above 0F or I would say is -17C?

    I have hunted when its -45 and either F or C its about the same. Yes summer is a blast with almost no darkness, moderate temps and usually good weather, the downside is that its just for three months tops, very short summer, way too long winters.

    I would think you have cold or cooler places at your southern border? Even during your summers? Big reason I moved to Alaska was to get away from the heat of the desert where I grew up in. I can handle it but if I had a choice I prefer not to live in it much. Much easier to work in colder temps than high temp extremes, at least it is too me.
  5. I paid $10,500 for my new out the door Yamaha XVS1300 Tourer, I tried to find a similar model in OZ, mine has the windshield and the leather covered ABS hard bags. Someone told me over there that same type of cruiser bike is around $24,000 and your dollars (AUSD) and USD is almost exactly the same in currency rates right now.

    Is it because of taxes?
  6. 80f converts to 26c here, u will die :) highest we got in 1 state a few weeks ago was 49c 120f

    Sydney average is 30c 86f but we just got 1 whole week of 42c 107f and a few weekends of the same
  7. incorect, someone is telling you porkies

    Its called a V-Star XVS here

    New they are worth $15,000

    Check here

  8. That is indeed hot, sounds like a time to either work in a refrigeration warehouse or a morgue.
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  10. yes and waaaaaaaaaaaaaay over priced
  11. Most would say visit Tasmania, where not only is the temperature 'cool' and perhaps windy at times (not to mention infamous riding in those parts).

    If you speak with our northern friends from Sydney, they'll recommend you visit Melbourne for your 'cooler' weather, even during summer. But they are from Sydney and we forgive them for their ignorance.... \\:D/

    The weather patterns in Australia, if not globally of late, are highly unpredictable. All states of Australia have been recipients to some of the most unstable conditions experienced for some time. With cooler climates encompassing more frequent rainfalls in the coming months/years, as predicted by Meteorologists, it may be a task in itself choosing the right place for your riding adventures.
    If you can afford the time/cost, I'd highly recommend you purchase (borrow) 'The HEMA Motorcycle Atlas' (http://www.myshopping.com.au/ZM--666111107_Books....link to give you an idea only) which details 200 of the best rides in Australia, in all States. Fantastic book indeed, thanking myself regularly for purchasing a copy each time I refer to it.

    Best of luck mate and hopefully we'll all see you in the many lovely parts Australia has to offer.

  12. ohhhhhh its on biatch

    BTW, its called MelBORING not Melbourne :)
  13. Hahahahahaha ! Again, Silverado6x6, please excuse our northern neighbouring friends... LOL !!!
    Kidding mate.
  14. Yes they are overpriced here as well, I work very close to a Harley dealership and it was the first place I went to when shopping for a cruiser, in all honesty I cannot convert to the image they sell, I feel more towards having a Yamaha FJR1300 Tourer or a BMW. And when they told me the high down payment and the financing by Harley I was turned off totally.

    The Yamaha dealership gave me a zero down, low interest and they let me use my own bank for financing. And I love my 1300, its both a great cruiser and a decent tourer.
  15. Yamaha are the best bikes ever made, no doubt about it :)
  16. What Goz said (y)
  17. Victoria has the best twistie roads in all of Australia,

    Temps vary between -5C to 40+C

    Just stay out of the high country, its snowing and the roads are closed, But the rest is just terrific,
  18. I have heard something about the high country, I used to work at a ski resort at a shop that was at 8400ft. We saw a lot of Kiwis working the Ski patrol there and they mentioned something about it, I'll have to dig into that, I love the mountains and riding my bike through ours when the roads are dry.

    I did a lot of research about the Yamaha, used to be Honda was ahead of the game years ago, I still own a 1980 Honda CX 500 Deluxe with a Vetter fairing, its a longitude or transverse two cylinder water cooled V engine, like a Moto Guzzi.

    The XVS 1300 had to me better internal construction with the ceramics, the fuel injection, the counterbalancing. many people think its a Harley and you have to look close to even see it has a radiator.
  19. I had my hands on an older KZ900 Kawasaki last winter, it had been stored outside in Alaska for a couple of years, it was a mess, it was given to a total idiot of a co-worker who doesn't know which end of a screwdriver to use.

    Here in Alaska older sportbikes are very rare and even in its "junk" state it was worth a minimum $2500, I was able to get it running but still had one cold cylinder, the pipes were all rotted out, seat shot, paint faded.

    But even with only 3 of its 4 cylinders running I loved the sound of it, if I ever get the chance I want to get one or a newer version.

    He wound up trading it for another older KZ that did run though.
  20. I am trying to catch up here on my replies, you guys are fast!
    I spent months researching about Alaska and this was before the internet, even still it was never what people said it was. It took me over a week just to drive to it from Lake Tahoe, CA which was just seeing spring, but in Fairbanks AK it was still winter and would be for another two months.

    Leaving the Sierra Mountains where i had lived for a couple of years and working at times over 9500ft on snow grooming equipment taught me a lot about working in the cold, the dark, the heavy snowfall. I fell in love with it and wanted extreme winter, and to make a long story short I started my pilgrimage to Alaska.