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Hello from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by botch, May 16, 2015.

  1. Hey all

    My name is Kai, and i'm from Adelaide.

    In my early 30's, and after 15 odd years of procrastinating, I have finally got my bike learners! Very exciting times for me, as i've wanted a bike since....well, a long, long time!

    Haven't got a bike yet, but certainly have my eye on a couple....main ones being Suzuki GS500 or a Honda VTR250.

    Looking forward to getting my own bike and learning as much as I can over the next months.


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  2. Gday, welcome aboard.
  3. Welcome to NR and the always interesting and challenging world of motorcycling!

    A quote I heard which seems quite apt to riding- "easy to learn, hard to master". :)
  4. Welcome from Newcastle. :)

    Plenty of learnin' to be found around here. Enjoy the ride when you get it.
  5. G'day and welcome, Kai. Good luck on the search for the best bike!
  6. So I had a look at a bike today...2011 GS500f.

    Sounded good in the ad, with only just over 5000km on it. Took a mate who has been riding for alot of years so he could test ride it.

    Turns out it was crap! Cracked fairing up near the windscreen and lower down near the engine, scrape on the tank and the bar end missing on the throttle side. She said it tipped over in her garage.

    Supposedly been stored under cover it's whole life, but the faded stickers and rusty chain say otherwise!

    Asked her about books/service history while my mate rode it...books are "somewhere", and does her own servicing.

    When we got in the car, i asked him his real thoughts...."Stay the f**k away from this one" was the reply!!

    Guess i'll keep looking...have started to follow a couple of 2011-2013 CBR250R's...i like the idea of fuel injection.

    Anyways, thank you for the welcomes. I think I will be doing alot of reading on here over the next weeks.

  7. Welcome to NR. Well done on taking your mate to check it out. The right one will turn up :)
  8. Don't buy a 250 single, seriously not enough power for the hills, Why do you want injection?
  9. welcome aboard :] wise move taking the mate along, good luck on your search
  10. I guess because it's more of a set thing. ie don't need to worry about choke, adjusting carbs, etc.

    I'll keep the single cyl thing in mind...there are another two gs500's i have been watching, both faired versions.
  11. Hey Kai, welcome to the site. Mate your never too old to learn and if it's something your keen to do it makes it all worthwhile.
  12. Hey Kai - welcome aboard, never too late! :)
  13. Hey all,

    So I have a little update...got myself a bike this morning. 2013 KTM Duke 200....it's no 390, but it was almost within the budget I had originally set myself.

    Got a mate to ride it home for me, but am looking forward to getting on it to get a feel for it.

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  14. congrats nice looking bike
  15. Welcome to NR..