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Hello from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GoldNine, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. :) Hi everyone , my name is Jon - new member from Adelaide's southern suburbs. Been riding 30yrs , currently run a well travelled 2002 Kawasaki zx-9r that I've owned since 2004. I get out for a spin most Sunday's weather permitting plus sometimes after work mid week (usually combine that with a trip to go see a movie if work knock-off time/movie session time/weather etc fall into line) . Sunday's or public hol's ride with a bunch of friends - smallish group , not usually more than six including myself. Most of us make the annual pilgrimage to the Island for the GP though only myself and another mate ride over and even then not every year (depends on $$$ and available time off work). Anyway , i'm off for a ride now , stay safe everyone - it's a jungle out there !

  2. Welcome aboard, we are slowly building an SA presence on here.
  3. Welcome, Jon! We're also building up a goodly collection of old riders too :LOL:
  4. Hi Jon, hope to get some regular meets up and running when weather improves and I'm not so busy, hopefully u can join :)
  5. Ps: very jealous of u going to the gp every year! its on my bucket list to go and see it before Rossi retires but I've never been and don't ever really know how to go about accommodation/tickets etc ESP seeing as everything seems to book up a year in advance.
  6. Welcome to NR(y)
  7. Thanks for the welcome ! Sorry for delay re-posting , went straight to work after ride. Tried accessing site via my phone - S4 Galaxy Samsung - however just seems to freeze up screen and won't respond . Anyone got any suggestions ?
  8. Thanks
  9. Sounds like a plan !
  10. If you're only even half keen to go then you simply MUST get there ! As good as the tv coverage is these days with the on-boards and slow-mo's nothing can prepare you for what it's like to see them up close !! . Tickets are easy , obviously if you want grandstand seats or corporate marquee etc then you'd need to book but the great thing about the island is that even on a general admission ticket there are plenty of areas around the track where you can see a lot of the track and if possible pick a spot where you can see one of the superscreens , then you don't miss anything. I've never pre-booked general admission tickets , just got them at the track when I've got there .
    Accomodation is a bit harder . If you want to stay on the island , eg. at Cowes then you do need to book up to a year ahead and can be expensive. Having said that , old riding buddies managed to get last minute accommodation last year thru cancellations - just don't rely on it . Alternatively , and this is what we do , you can stay off the island in the Bass Coast district (eg the coastal towns of Wonthaggi , Inverloch ) or even the towns of Korumburra or Leongatha up in the hills. Does mean up to an hour-ish commute to the island , which some people may not like but it's gorgeous verdant green countryside , with some great little roads to explore too ! Anyway , something to think about . I'm quite happy to discuss this at greater length should you wish to .
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    Thanks Hornet , just one thing , steady on with the "old riders" bit , hey ? [​IMG] I may not be a spring chicken any more , but . . . . . [​IMG]
  12. Thats Android right ? Are you using tapatalk app ?

  13. Thanks for the info, yeah def keen to go one year (prob too soon for me this year unfortunately) but def keen on talking about it more. I see you're my side of town too which is nice, Im at Flagstaff Hill. Hope you can make it on a ride sometime :)
  14. Welcome to NR, young man! :)
  15. Hi , yes Galaxy is an android phone . Don't think i'm using tapatalk app as far as I know - just using Google and clicking on site . Also tried with iPod touch with similar problems .
  16. Lol , thanks . Nicely picked up ! I guess the young ones would/could consider me old - I used to ride with a bunch of very quick guys who were/are around my age or older and we had a few younger guys that would occasionally ride with us who nicknamed us the Psycho Seniors ! Sadly the group broke up due to issues between a couple of the guys , but in some ways was for the better .
  17. howdy

    yer site loads weird on my samsung, its because of all thebanners
    and wank etc on this site.
    you have to wait after each page
    for it stop jumping around
  18. Download the tapatalk app, it will give you a much smoother easier access to the forums. If you want to use the site via a browser you might need to try a different one, not sure what comes with your phone.
  19. If you don't think it's do-able this year you def want to plan for next year especially if seeing Rossi race live before he retires is something you want to do . Hard to guess when he might retire , he's always said he'll keep racing while he's competitive and still enjoying it , but his contract is up with Yamaha at end of next year , so who knows .
    If you're looking for people to ride with don't be afraid to give me a shout . As stated in my original post , I do ride with a small group of friends most sundays weather permitting . We meet 10am Victoria Hotel (Main South Rd , O'Halloran Hill) for a roughly 10:15 departure and we'll generally go either to Cuddlee Creek or to Stathalbyn for a late brekkie/early lunch and then wind our way thru the hills somewhere afterwards . We're mostly 40+ age - one late 30's - but we're not a bunch of old fogeys either. Mostly guys but one female rider . I'm always happy to chaperone less experienced riders , have them sit behind me following my lines etc and we always look after people that are riding with us .
  20. Thanks for that - I had an idea it might have had something to do with the banners and pop-ups .