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Hello From Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Challiwell, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Finnaly Decided to get my bike licence after much annoying rants from many people. But With the right gear and my head on straight, it should make it much safer.

    Now just gotta find the $400 it costs to book my course.

    Anywho im Cain, nice to meet you all
  2. G'day Cain ... am also new to Netrider, but 'old' to riding ... Morph Vale eh? ... top end of Fleurieu Peninsula ... some very nice rides down there ... and I wish you many, many years of good riding ... (y) ... (y)
  3. welcome mate.
  4. Thanks guys. few weeks before i get my licence hopefully.
  5. Welcome mate dont wory about the shit you get from people there retards
  6. in one ear and out the other mate, ducks off a waters back all those sorta things. lol
  7. G'day Cain and welcome to Netrider (y)
  8. Found out today that because i was on the old system of motorcycle L's so all i have to do is pay the $30 rewnell fee and away i go, just have to get a bike now
  9. What is everyones thoughts on Honda VTR250 hornet for a learner bike?
  10. I hear that they are "Fully sick".

    Not sure what that means :)

    welcome to the forums :)