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Hello from Adelaide.. any FZ6 riders out there ?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fz6srider, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. G'day guys, I'm in Adelaide & bought a '07 FZ6S not long ago...I'm loving it..still getting use to the high reving engine (as my last bike was an '85 FZ750). Also I'll need to look at changing the exhaust in the future as it sounds like a tramcar as stock...but apart from that its a beaut machine.
    If there are any other FZ6 riders out there it would be good to chat...Cheers Timo.

  2. G'day.... Soon to be FZ6 rider.... picking it up this arvo after work... is it just me or is time CRAWLING today???? :grin:
    Big welcome from 1 netrider :newb: to another
  3. This arvo ! excellent ! hope the clouds clear for you, I'm still paranoid of rain & I've had mine for 2 months.. one day though I'll get caught & it'll get covered in mud & then I wont give a rats..
    What type of FZ6..the S or N ? (I went for the red fz6s)
    Where are you getting it from ? (I got mine from Yam World)..they were pretty good on the Sales front...
  4. It's been really windy here in Melbourne but there was no rain......till about 20 mins ago :(
    Still a bit nervous about riding in the wet, but more concerned about dirtying the bike. Also should be a good test for my new wet weather gear.

    I'm getting the 06 Silver N. Me likes the naked look :grin:
  5. Hiya and welcome to NR fz6srider!

    I also have an FZ6S, a 2006 model, black. Love it :grin: . I'm wanting to change the exhaust eventually as well, coz sounds kinda like a sewing machine as it is! :p . That's how i describe it anyways, although that must be coz I'm a girl don't think the boys would think of it lke that! Fantastic bike all the same. We must have got ours about the same time, coz i've had mine for about two and a half months now.

    Welcome again :)

  6. Hello from a fellow Adelaidian!

    The FZ6 is a nice looking bike, I very nearly bought one, but decided on the Hornet in the end.

    Definitely needs an aftermarket pipe, have you priced any yet?
  7. Thanks Shell & Edgelett,
    Yeah I recon it sounds like a tramcar but I can see yr point on the sewing machine, a sewing m/c on steroids :)
    It definitely needs a sound improvement...I'm still breaking it in so I'm in no hurry, I've had a look on Youtube & like the sound of the Leo Vince on the FZ6...I checked out the LeoVince website & at the moment trying to work out which model bike I have ?? as listed on their website..I can select either the 'FZ6 S2 2007' ... or 'FZ6-S 600 Fazer (2004/2007)' ...there are different slip-on exhausts for each. Which model is the right selection for us here in Australia ?...

    Alternatively Redline exhaust can apparently do a baffleoctomy on the existing exhaust (weld it up like new) & make it sound ok (not as good as the Leo Vince) for around $300. Yam World recon there are no warranty issues with this.
    Has anyone had experiences with the above ??
  8. I'm currently on restrictions, but after seeing Shelly's bike a few weeks ago, I've been drooling in my sleep ever since. Think I've been converted... and now I have a dream!!! Let me know what you think of it. They're damn sexy.
  9. Hi Brij, Yes I looked around for a new bike for a while & I didnt find anything better for my needs than the FZ6S...I also test rode the SV650 which was my second choice but the only thing that steered me away from it was the lower (more forward) riding position.. I commute daily to work & really wanted a more upright position. My old bike , '85 FZ750 had a sports riding position & started taking its toll on my body after 4 yrs of commuting (neck & shoulder pains)...the FZ6 is bliss in comparison. I recon its got the best of both worlds, a comfortable riding position for commuting & it has pleanty of power for those weekends I want to fang it through the hills.
  10. Yup, I ride a '06 FZ6S :)
  11. Hi Jason, I checked out yr pic, the blue looks really nice with the chrome engine. Have you looked into modifying the exhaust for a bit of noise ? I am in 2 minds at the moment..I like the look of the stock exhaust so could go the bafflectomy but have not heard of anyone who has done this...alternatively the sound of the Leo Vince slip-on is really cool, but looking at pics on the net it doesn't look as nice as the stock.. :?