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Hello From A Very New Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by enmore, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. Hi every one.
    Just got my 'L' plates on Saturday, never ridden before I did the HART course and now looking for my first bike in the Sydney area
    Not into racing bikes so I am looking at a Honda Vtr250 to start on.
    Already ready read some great posts and tips on this site and hoping to become a regular poster :)

    Looking forward to meeting you all online!

  2. Welcome, Enmore!

    Congrats on getting your licence and prepare for all the fun and enjoyment that being a rider will offer :)

    The VTR is a great bike - good choice and let us know how you go with your search.

    When you're on 2 wheels and if you're looking for some riding, drop me a line - be more than happy to go for a ride :)


  3. Welcome to two wheels, and to Netrider!
  4. Hello and welcome, the VTR250 is a good place to start.
  5. Thanks for the welcome all!
    Was having a look and a sit on a Suzuki Inazuma.
    Nice bike, felt good for my 192cm and 95kg frame.
    It's a new bike but just summing up if it's worth getting a new bike that I will use for about 2 years or so....

    So many decisions :)
  6. I'm pretty sure the current Inazuma is a made to a be low price cheapy, probably not as nice as the VTR250.
  7. Call me crazy but just went out and got the Inazuma.
    Pick it up tomorrow morning and then ride it all the 2kms from the dealership home
  8. If you like and it suits your purpose than it's good for you.
    This is why there are so many different bikes on the market, we're all looking for something that suits us as individuals.
    Good luck with the new bike.
  9. Welcome along.
    Enjoy your new bike & good luck with the collection. Easy does it.
  10. welcome , get to Homebush to the learner prac sessions!!
    i started on a vtr250, alot have, each to their own, if suzi feels nice, enjoy it :)
  11. Hello! I'm also new to riding, I did my HART course this past weekend and it was the first time I'd ever switched a bike on! hahaha
    I have a shiny little CB400 sitting in my back yard waiting for me to be brave enough to take it out on it's first ride... but I'm a little too scared to do it without someone with me who knows how to pick the damn thing up if I drop it hahaha
    You're lucky to be in Sydney where they have the Netrider skills practice sessions, I wish we had those in Brisbane.
    Merry Chrimbo!
  12. So I picked up the bike today and ride it for the first time. AMAZING! The bike handles like a dream. Stalled it about 10 times,wobbled it a bit, nearly dropped it once then after I got over that ride it around the side streets at home for about 30 to 45 mins and lost the L plate oooppsss :)
    The Inazuma is so forgiving with ham fisted twists of the wrists!
    Gotta thank true guys at Sydney Motor Cycle world in Lane Cove, fantastic bunch and really put a novice rider at east!
    I will post a pic when I can figure how to do it from an iPhone....
  13. Mate well done and welcome to the forum.......:)

    As goddie said, get to the learner sessions. They're great value.
  14. Bike.JPG Hi everyone!
    Here is a pic of my new bike :)

  15. Just before you call the police and take out a restraining order on me. This is how I knew how tall you were.
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  16. welcome to the forum.

    Bike riding is like most things, learn the basics, practice them all especially the ass saving ones, then just give it time and it will become natural and fun.

    Just remember, ride like you are invisible to everyone, and once feeling good just don't get complacent, then a world of fun awaits you