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Hello...from a very fresh new 'rider'

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AmeliaEve, Jan 12, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I am excited to be part of a community as...well..I am very new to riding, got my learners in October 2015 and riding only minimally. My main barrier is confidence, I need more so I can get out there more to practice my skills! I remember feeling scared as a new driver 15 years ago, somehow I got through that so I am determined to learn this new skill and enjoy it!

    I am riding in back streets and carparks...but its scary. SO I am so keen to keep reading threads and gain some knowledge and tips to help me on my way.

    So hello everyone!!

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  2. Welcome! You are in the right place for that :)
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  3. Welcome young lady. You are starting just like the rest of us.
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    Welcome to the forum. Are you in Victoria? If you are in Melbourne then come along to Saturday morning practice in St Kilda/Elwood. If you post in that thread you can often get someone coming from your area to escort you in.
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  5. Welcome Amelia!!!
    Lots of support here!!!
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  6. Welcome to NR..
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  7. Welcome!! As Chris said, get yourself along to your local (state) Saturday Learner's Session. Melbourne's is in St Kilda/Elwood, Sydney's out at Olympic Park, Homebush. These sessions are run by a ferociously dedicated bunch of guys and gals who could be off riding somewhere themselves, but donate their time to help new riders gain confidence, and not-so-new riders upgrade their skills.....
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  8. welcome aboard :) take your time don't rush and before you know it the scare factor will be gone and the fun factor will have increased
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  9. Welcome fellow newbie!
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  10. welcome to Netrider and life on 2 wheels Amelia! (y)
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  11. Hello and welcome aboard AmeliaEveAmeliaEve

    Now now, none of that 'rider-in-inverted-commas' nonsense. You ride, you're a rider. Even if you're new and a bit shit. At the end of the day, we're all just different grades of shit anyway. Like the others have said, if confidence is your problem, I encourage you to find your local practice session group. Ride, learn, ride some more, and before you know it you'll be less shit than you were.
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  12. Hi an welcome to NR, and you're right, NR is a 'community' thats because all the riders care about each others well being here, as you read through the threads on skills etc you find information there so save you time, learn and more importantly might just save your life. If in Melbourne get yourself to St Kilda on Saturday morning and you will love it, the people that help all riders, not just newbies so dont feel at all embarrassed or intimidated, they help all!! you'll end up hugging Dave n Doug because of their persistence in helping you getting your confidence and skills up to par. Drive down if you cant ride down yet, if you need, ask for an escort, someone will follow you in [so you dont get scared of a car behind you] if you need 2 peeps [one in front one back] then , well just ask.. everyone helps. Good luck, and the your familiar back streets etc can be a great starting point, you will smile for a long time :) as we all do.
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  13. Welcome. I joined NR only a few months ago after getting my L's ( now on P's ) at a more mature age.

    Great support here, hope you enjoy
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  14. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
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  15. Definitely try and get yourself to one of the rider learner sessions that they guys on Netrider do, they are well worth it and you'll meet some great people.
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  16. Hi there!! I am new as well. I got my learners in late Nov 2015 and been riding since mid Dec 2015 so not even 1 month of riding!! Welcome :) everyone here is great so far!! :D
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  17. Perhaps you are waiting for somebody here to stuff up something big! ;)
    Welcome to you too anyway.
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  18. Hi AmeliaEveAmeliaEve ,
    every one of us probably got a little nervous going out for there first ride, or first twisty ride, first night ride, first wet ride . . .
    Don't worry about it.
    If you have your L's then you should already have the basic skills, now you just need to practice them and improve as a rider.

    As well as the learner sessions mentioned above, wherever you are you can also request a mentor.
    See the Mentor thread. Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders
    A rider with some experience will meet up with you and give you some one-on-one feedback, coaching and tips to get you out and about, or give your more help on any areas that you are having difficulty with.
    Get out there and enjoy.
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  19. Hi, and welcome! :cat:
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  20. LOL I didnt mean it like THAT :) and thanks. Glad to be here :)