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Hello from a two-headed newbie!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by darklightBoy, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Hi there everyone!

    I'm a new rider, only been on the road about a month. Enjoying it heaps more than my old tin top!

    I'm 21 and live in Hobart, I ride a black '06 Honda VTR250. Nice little bike it is too :) I'd like to get to know other riders around the place, go on some group rides and stuff like that. After all, it's a great state for it :)

    So hello to me, I hope to meet some of you, I understand there's some regular Tuesday night thing down at Joe's?

  2. Welcome, Nate :). There are quite a few Netriders scattered around the tiny isle, and, contrary to mainland gossip, they are NOT all related :LOL:.
  3. welcome nate!

    im sure you will be at home with our other taswegian contributors :LOL:
  4. Welcome to your new life Nate, enjoy
  5. Greetings Nate! I'm up for a ride on most weekends/holidays/days off uni (pending weather). Speaking of which im off for a ride now :)
  6. Hey mate, Welcome

    Lots of tassie flok round these parts, you should find it quick an easy to start joining in rides.
  7. I believe I went for a ride today. G'day Nate.