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Hello from a Noobie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Myke, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I just got my Ls 2 weeks ago and have been reading this forum for the past 2 months - so thought I should finally drop a hello :)

    Picked up my bike a week ago after delaying it for a few days due to rain. In the end I decided it just has to be done drizzle or not. So Picked it up and rode around the back streets in the rain/drizzle for about 1.5-2hrs before I got home. The missus was kind enough to come by and provide a 'buffer' escort behind me on the way home hehe.

    Funny thing is I didn't drop the bike during the pre-learner course but within the first 30min of my new bike... oopsy. lol Was stopped at a turn which had a dip and was still getting accustomed to the friction point of the bike. No biggie, just a slight scratch on the exhaust cover and the handle bar.

    Glad I got a 250 bike and not a restricted 650 that I was looking at. After much reading and listening I decided that having a lighter less powerful bike (and at this stage it has more than I need) allows me to learn better and save more :)

    Anyway, went for a ride through the national park to Stanwell tops on the weekend with the missus (she has had her learners for a month) - amazing day out. Was actually quite amazed by some of those cyclist! Came across a pack of 6 that was hogging the whole road and wouldn't budge so I just hanged back for a bit... then came the down hill and I lost sight of them. They were taking very tight corners at 60kmh+ whilst in formation and gaining speed. Kinda scarry considering their thin tyres and thinner lycras!

    Anyway... I'm rambling now just saying hello!! will make my way over to Homebush over the coming weeks to say hello!
  2. Welcome to NR Myke and congrats on the new bike, which beckons, what sort of bike and where are you located? One other thing, oggie nobs help reduce damage when dropping a biike..
    and pics of the bike?
  3. Welcome Myke, I did the exact same thing, managed to drop my first within the first hour around a dip at a turn! More damage than what you got though unfortunately.

    Yeah can't underestimate the cyclists one bit, had a little ride down Ku-ring-gai park a few weeks ago, first time down there and the road wasn't all that fantastic, swifted past this cyclist at the beginning gave it a bit of a rev as I went past gave him a smile, and after a few bends he zoomed past me gave me a smile and the finger, never did manage to catch up with him. Smartass.
  4. Thanks guys - its a CBR 250R :) I'm located in Tempe, Sydney.

    Yeah I looked into the oggies, there a a few $'00 aren't they? Also note that some require cutting while other don't...

    How much does a side fairing cost to replace out of interest?

    Haha - quick little b @stards! As an aside, I kind of agree with Warnie's recent comment about cyclist - They should pay some sort of road registration fee (maybe even road insurance lol), given they are using the road and are an obstacle / moving vehicle on the road as well as posing as a risk to themselves and other road users.
  5. fairings range in prices place to place, ebay might be a source, oggies are worth getting in my opinion as you will drop your bike, if its your fault or some dipshit knocks it with or without you on it. Can save big bucks.. Your bike tho, so your choice :)