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hello from a newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by elefunksoup, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all, I'm Sally and I've just got a bike - a BMWR65 from 1982 that forumite Percrime helped me buy and has done stacks of work on for me. He's been giving me some riding lessons too (he's a good bloke). He also tells me this is a great forum to be part of.

    Owning a BMW bike has been a childhood dream and it's pretty cool to have it come true. I bought the bike to commute from the central coast to Newcastle, but now I'm actually moving to Newcastle, so it will be more of a weekender for me.

    I go for my pre-learners on Monday and Tuesday. I've been practicing heaps, so wish me luck!
  2. If you've been practising, expect the Pre-learners to be a cake-walk: they aren't very strict, and is more about getting informed, and only covers the VERY basics, at least it seemed so for me.

    But good luck, and welcome to riding: Gratz on achieving that dream!
  3. big expert
  4. I am just saying: I went in never riding a Bike before, and it wasn't that difficult, imo. If someone has had riding experience (no matter how small) I shouldn't think there would be a problem for them. If, like I was, before I went, they are worried about it being a big test or something, was just trying to mind at ease.

    Because I'd only recently done the course myself, I thought this was something I might actually be able to contribute to in some positive way... Obviously I was mistaken in your eyes greg.

    Lets just leave it as a welcome, shall we?
  5. ok,,,, but tell me how did you know my names greg?
  6. Welcome to the forum. I find it very useful.
    Lots of good info and interesting posts.
    Not all negative!!!!!!!!
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    You for real?

    Welcome Sally
  8. Welcome to riding Sally and a big welcome to Newcastle...when you get here=D>

    When I went for the pre-learners course in 05, the first half of the first day was mainly one sitting on the bike and another learner pushing it so learners can understand braking and balance. The they change positions.....hope you can push a little 125cc bike with someone on it Sally and don't end up with a Partner that's 140kgs :cool:
    That's before the motor is even involved...that's usually the 2nd half of the day....it was back then anyway.

    2nd part of first day was for my group to start motors on the school's bikes and place it into first gear and they teach you how to use the clutch and throttle techniques.....a bit of theory here and there etc.

    Hope you enjoy your beemer Sally, I have a friend in Rutherford who has a BMW GS650 and has sat the learners course twice and still doesn't use it...even if I've offerred her to ride with her.....she's such a stresshead :tantrum:

    Hope to see ya around Newie..


  9. Welcome to NR Sally
  10. Welcome
    You won't need it but good luck with your course and have a fun time today and tomorrow
  11. welcome to NR Sally, take your time, enjoy riding, get together with the locals and let the 'knowledgeable' provide tips, alot to read on here that will help with getting started, find quiet roads and have someone ride with you to provide 'good habit'points as in the future you will take your baby for a cruise on your own and confidence for safe riding is a must..
    I had an r1200c and high percentage said 'fuglee' I thought 'cute' each to their own :)
  12. Hey everyone, thanks for the welcome. I passed my pre-learners today! Very pleased. The bike will stay at my dad's on the central coast for a while, so (after I get my leaners) I can come and visit it and practice on quiet streets before taking the "Big Trek" up to Newcastle.
  13. Got my Ls! Can't wait to go for a ride!
  14. Congrats on gettin your L's Sally, get on board and start practising
  15. Well done Sally...=D> .Congrat ....Now get on those bike and go for a ride , you 're going to be loving it....Good Luck....